Beyond the Portal: Battle Report

9: 42 PM, 4th of July, Twilight Hills,

Blood Watch HQ:

“There’s bad news and good news, where should I start?” Blacksmith’s crooked smile couldn’t mean anything good.

“Start with something optimistic,” said Hoodoo.

“The newly opened gate to Necroplane can be closed if somebody manages to do it fast and kick the butt of the cthonian keeper on the other side.”

“Bad news?”

“I thought ‘newly opened’ was bad enough but if you are asking for more let me add that you should expect some heavy resistance in Pulp City:  the cadavers hired some guns and we  finally know why.”

“OK, let’s crash the gate then.” The voice of reason was Six Feet Under’s.

“It’s not going to be that simple. You need to crash it from the inside since the cthonian demons will support the gate until somebody slays them.”

“Still… blood simple. We walk in, we smash the monsters, we walk out, the gate crashes.”

“We’re too low on numbers, I expect there is more than just the cadavers involved, but I think I know who may support us.”

“Just not them…” Hoodoo looked concerned.

“I’m sorry there is nobody else to lend us a helping hand, so a furry hand is better than no hand.” Blacksmith seemed to be finding  a lot of amusement in this situation.


“Not interested. Don’t like the supanatural stuff. No need to mess wit’ it. Have a nice day as they say!” the low voice boomed out of the speaker.

Blacksmith expected that response and was ready for it. “I wouldn’t be asking you if there was nothing for you in it.”

“Guerilla listens. Make it short.”

“Remember when you got your furry ass kicked last month by Trinity, Inc?”

“Dat was a tactical retreat.”

“Whatever. We know who set you up: we tracked down the payments in Gentleman’s account and the same guy who had paid him for the sniper shot that dismantled Apebot is paying him to show up tonight.”

“Dat pathetic suit, I’ll crush his bones!”

“I take it for ‘yes, we’ll gladly help you.’ 10 PM, Golden Plaza Station, Hoodoo will have a little something for you to do. Something you’ll like, lot’s of explosions and the suit on top of that…”

Game Objectives:

The gate to Necroplane has opened in Golden Plaza Station (Game Board 2), directly under the Golden Plaza Tower (Game Board 1). It is supported by a Necroplane summoner thrall on top of the Golden Plaza Tower (who protects the gate from the intruders with a powerful shielding magic) and the cthonian demon in Necroplane (Game Board 3). The synergy can be only broken if the summoner is killed. Heroes win, if the cthonian is defeated. Villains win if all Heroes are incapacitated.

Game Board 1: Golden Plaza Overground

Heroes: Guerilla (Ammo Feed, Tracker), Chimp Chi (Ninjaken)

Villains: Gentleman (Sniper Rifle, Flash Grenades), Nuke (Plutonium)

Main Objective: Kill the summoner! (Heroes) Protect the summoner! (Villains)

On top of the Golden Plaza Tower, the summoner chants the protective shield spell, making both the gate underground and the building unaccessible to Heroes.

There are 4 spots on the game board where explosive charges need to be placed using Place the Charge (AP 1): Movement Action. When the last charge is placed, the building explodes, killing everybody in within the square created by the bomb markers. Heroes may access the gate directly by moving into the sinkhole created by the explosion.

In each Round after the 4th, in the beginning of the Game Round, place one Sentry Bot in the Villains deployment zone. These may be activated by Villains at any time.

For each Round after the 4th, increase the Villains Action Pool by 1.

If the building still stands by the end of the 8th Round, the gate is made permanent (see: Game Board 3)

Game Board 2: Golden Plaza Underground

Heroes: Six Feet Under (First Aid Kit), Red Riding Hoodoo (Zombie Wolf) + Heroic Call

Villains: Hellsmith (Hellhammer), Mourn, 5 Sentry Bots (activated in groups of 3 and 2)

16 Citizens

Main Objective: Feed the Gate!

Thanks to the summoner, the gate solidifies, gaining substance and anchoring itself in Pulp City. The sentient demonic being on the other side feeds on the life energy.

The game ends either when the Golden Plaza building collapses or when the 8th Round begins.

In the very moment, all Villains from the underground station are instantly teleported in to Base to Base with Cthonian Demon on Game Board 3.

Throughout the game, count all Citizen casualties, gaining one Soul token for each destroyed Citizen. Before moving on to the Game Board 3, trade Soul tokens for benefits described in Game Board 3.

Round 1:

Overground, Chimp Chi uses two Movement Actions to get in B2B with the first Bomb marker, but wait, Nuke shows up from behind the building and uses his Aura to fend off lucky shuriken throws from the chimp. Guerilla runs forward the first marker, still far from Gentleman’s harm.

Underground, the carnage begins with bots opening fire on Citizens and Hellsmith charging forward the first Citizen. Hoodoo, Wolf and 6FU run down the escalator, Hoodoo uses Beacon of hope to get some of the civillians away from the bots who return the favor and have the most horrible round of shooting ever!

Round 2:

Overground, things get interesting, as Chimp Chi gets Charged by Nuke.

Boosted Nuclear Powerhouse leaves Nuke with no more Action Points but the Chimp hangs on to life with just two Damage Points left! Knowing that the Aftershocks will hurt him at the beginning of the next Round, Chi cries Ape Ki! *(an exclusive Action combined with any Strike adds reduces the Defense of Chi to 0 by the end of the Round but adds its value to the Strength.) and cuts through the radioactive flesh. with a twist of his big toe, Chimp turns on the activation button on the charge while Guerilla dodges a shot from the Gentleman’s rifle. The second explosive charge is within the hand’s reach…

Meanwhile, Underground, things look bad for Heroes. While Hellsmith spins his Hellhammer, Hoodoo sends the Wolf to scare the Citizens out of the way of the mad godling. Six Feet Under, not being able to engage any of the bots, heads towards the bigger group, but on the way kicks the subway gate which like a sling bullet squashes a rampaging bot!

Round 3:

Overground, Chi and Nuke trade blows and even with the help of Heroic Call, Chimp realizes that after cutting the radioactive menace down, he’s got just a couple of minutes before the Aftershocks will get him.

With so many things going on, Guerilla’s advance is a bit slow but he still manages to set up the second charge (Heroes underground drain Action Points!).

Bots, oblivious to what 6FU can do, forget to spread thin and when he is at them, the rampaging hulk doesn’t stop until last of them is down. Meanwhile Hoodoo tries to protect some of the Citizens and the Wolf launches a failing attack on the last remaining bot. Hellsmth sets up a charge for the next Round.

Round 4:

Heroes forget the tactical discipline (maybe the collapse of Chimp Chi is the reason) as the god of forges wins it for Villains, cracking the subway floor with a minor earthquake that sends the Wolf and one of the last Citizens into a bottomless pit. Hoodoo dodges out of the harm’s way and 6FU reels back to save his team mate. Mourn glides towards the paralyzed Citizens who hid behind 6FU’s massive back.

Bullets bite Guerilla when he lunges forward for the third charge.

Round 5:

The game moves into the attrition phase as Gentleman is reinforced with the arrival of bots. Flashing lasers and guns toting are answered by the rattle of Guerilla’s minigun which fails to penetrate the ceramic carapace of the bot, saving Gentleman’s skin. So many Action Points used, so little accomplished.  Villains try to wait out Heroes, taking a couple of Pass Actions and Blood Watch members realize that this will get them nowhere, so 6FU takes the shortcut and stops by the subway fence. Hellsmith’s laughter fades as the mutated giant, instead of crossing the obstacle, plucks it out and throws at the godling. Hellsmith will be a toast next Round…

Round 6:

Quite unexpectedly, Villains win the Starting Roll again and Hellsmith uses up most of the Action Pool by Moving and using the Power Up’ed Hellspin, foolish Citizens caught in the trap together with 6FU! The monstrous attack not only steals whopping 11 Damage Points from not-the-most-agile 6FU but also knocks him down thanks to Hellsmith’s Bruiser skill!

Hoodoo curses the godling while moving away to a safety and 6FU struggles back to his feet, with most of the Action Pool dry (or left for Guerilla to set up the third charge) manages to move, trigger his Aura (makes 6FU heal and become even stronger with each Damage inflictedby him and his allies in vicinity) and Strike for mere few points of Damage.

Seeing that there is no time left, Guerilla ignores the salvos from his enemies and with charred flesh and burned fur, triggers the third charge and tries to move away, letting the bots hit him with free Strikes.

Round 7:

As 6FU heals thanks to his upped Regeneration and deals with Hellsmith in one powerful swipe of his shovel, Hoodoo guards the last remaining Citizens from the menace of Mourn. The dark rites of voodoo tear the howling cape of the flying spectre and it decides to fly away to safety to strike again later.

Barely able to stand, Guerilla smashes the intervening bot and moves as fast as possible towards the last charge. If he is within 4 inches of the last charge marker, only some very lucky shots from the mechanical Minions and Gentleman will be able to stop him from reaching the objective.

Round 8:

Even though the bot gets in his way, Guerilla Slams the last obstacle with his massive fists and sets the fourth charge just before the gate gets sealed. The powerful explosion opens up a passage to the portal underground.

The aftermath:

Mourn and Gentleman survive, Mourn moves into Necroplane.

6FU and Guerilla survive and move into Necroplane, Hoodoo remains by the gate.

13 Citizens were Eliminated, giving Villains massive 13 Soul Tokens that can be traded for extra AP, reviving Hellsmith and Spectral Minions (rules: see Game Board 3: Necroplane).

The summoner thrall was Eliminated by the end of the 8th Round, making the cthonian still vulnerable to the Supreme attacks!

To be continued…

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