Welcome to Pulp City!

 Somewhere on the West Coast, there is the glamorous Pulp City. Please come and visit us! Well, that is what I am supposed to say. The truth is: stay away for as long as you can! Corrupted, money-driven and bloody dangerous, Pulp City is a place to avoid unless you want to be a witness of alien invasions, undead monstrosities parading in the daylight or insane killer robots slaughtering your friends. And that is all just for the starters…

Welcome to the Pulp City World where powerful Heroes clash with evil Villains!

Pulp City is the precious child of our twisted minds. It is born of our love for both miniature games and comic books. It’s fast, it’s furious and smart. It’s your own The Good, the Bad and the Ugly meets Godzilla.

First, we invite you to play a game that is heroic and character driven. Pulp City does not create a new world. It recreates a storyline with familiar elements of our favorites from pulp entertainment, TV series, B movies and of course comic books!

Take a walk down the crowded Sunset Blvd. Pulp City is as hot and humid as Miami before a storm. Pulp City is as dangerous as New York City before Giuliani. Crave for the sea breeze and the shade of palm trees and pray you don’t end up in the middle of the clash between Villains and Heroes.

Choose from the deadliest Supremes of Pulp City. Build your team of elite Villains or noble Heroes. This is the only “army choice” we’ll ask you to make. If you feel like picking a theme for your Supremes, go for the rebelling apes or brooding supernatural hunters. Or mix them any way you like.

And last, but not least, good news for you: Pulp City does not have a huge “door fee.” It is a true skirmish game that works perfectly with 6-8 models a side, as few as 2 models, or many more if your prefer for truly cataclysmic battles!

The game is about strategy and resource management. You will soon learn that having a Team built without a Support Supreme is tempting but risky. In a Game Round, you may never be able to perform all the Actions you would like, so prioritizing them is the key to winning.

With frequent updates, we’ll provide you with new models, brilliant art, and lots of ideas that shape the Pulp City setting. So get ready to protect or imperil Pulp City in the coming months from alien invasions, necroplagues from an outer dimension, invasions from beneath the earth’s surface and all your favorite pulp events!

So ‘Welcome to Pulp City’, and enjoy your stay!


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