Shadow Prince

Shadow Prince, the Reaver Lord of Sollyn, is only a wraith-like remnant of the bright ruler of the elvenkind from before The Fading. His people, unlike most of the other worlds, revered and still revere the Sun. Even the dark wind of Fading that swept through their forests did not change that. When the Fading’s dark dreams of the Slumbering Ones covered Sollyn’s sky, Shadow Prince went to the belly of his world, traversing the tunnels that no kin of his had ever seen. After days in the darkness of the underground, he finally reached the heart chamber of his world and stole the two hands of the clock that controlled the time flow on Sollyn.

The Slumbering One didn’t notice that, and even if so, it wouldn’t care that the time has stopped. The last day of summer would last the eternity as long as Shadow Prince was in the possession of what became his precious weapons – twin swords, Solstice and Equinox.

The model was sculpted by Remy Tremblay.

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