Solomon, the colossus from Rhodion is the last in the line of powerful warrior kings.

In fact he is both ruler and his only subject in one person, as a chain of unfortunate events led to a once proud world becoming just a tiny jagged island with a single spiral tower drifting in the blackest regions of the sky.

The royal blood of Rhodion came with the divine gift of gigantism. Warrior kings led their kin to battle wading through the sea of enemy troops like giant armored ships, breaking the waves with colossal double-handed blades.

No single warrior could stand to match a Rhodian noble. But when the gods started falling asleep, the Fading affected the king’s progeny in the most bizarre way. It seemed like emotions slowly seeped out of those mighty warriors, draining them of humanity. Some fell into the embrace of madness, like Solomon’s father, while some decided to end their bleakness by throwing themselves off the Cliff of Despair, while others searched for most cruel acts that could spark any interest in them.

Solomon was different. While his kin took on their quests of self-annihilation, he just became slower, increasingly slow with every passing day. When the priests of Luna finally discovered the cause behind Fading, Solomon was a lone survivor, star-gazing atop his tower, King of the Bleak Kingdom. His bond to the floating remnant of Rhodion is very different than some of the other Reaver Lords to their own realms. He IS the kingdom, and he fights to stay alive and keep his kingdom alive, and not just awaken the Slumbering One.

Do not think that the warrior’s heart has stopped beating in his chest. Far from it. When called upon by the power of ancient treaties, Solomon is one fierce war beast. The Fading didn’t affect his strength in any way, he just became more calculating and purposeful. The gift of the Bleak Kingdom made him also less vulnerable to wounds and almost immortal, as his time passes just so much slower.

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