Open Beta is Up!


Dear Citizens, the time is up and we are proud to present you with the Open Beta rules for the upcoming Pulp City Supreme Edition!

This is a new day for Pulp City and we want to include you in the experience as much as possible.
Click the above image to head to the Downloads page and share your opinions on Forums and the Facebook page.

The Open Beta will run for about a month so don’t hesitate to leave your feedback.

Given the opportunity, let me thank you for your ever-going support and thank the amazing team I am humbled to work with:

these rules would have not happened without Leon, Devon and Melvin and wouldn’t have been so good without the feedback of our core playtesting team, who gave us great feedback: Ian, Ron and Stuart.

Big kudos to the rest of the playtesters!

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and creative our Pulp City community is!

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