Web-site updates (Jan 26th, 2015)

Over the next few months we will be updating the web-site and web-store, and we have done some house-keeping already on the forum to make it a bit easier to use Things will be updated to reflect the new edition of the Pulp City rules (keep an eye on the Heroes and Villains section as this develops: look at Ace of Wraiths’ updated page for an example), and we will generally be looking to better organize the site and store. The various changes won’t happen straight away, but will take place over the next few months, so be sure to keep checking back regularly.

As a consequence we hope to have more frequent news items here on the site to show the exciting new developments we have the game and its Supreme denizens, including  two new Pulp City projects we are working on; one is super secret (but trust me, you will want it!), and the second is maybe less secret but still very cool (at least when you get to browse the book!) and will have some real surprises we think!


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