Spybreaker & Professor Hammer

Time to learn a little more about these Supreme Leaders.



Powers & Skills: Master Tactician & Strategist; Peak Human Capability

Col. John Schneider, America’s greatest hero. The man who became Spybreaker volunteered for an experimental process, to combat the emerging threat of enemy Supremes in war-time. The only survivor of the Llusk-Van Der Beek process that saw the sacrifice of dozens of the best and bravest, Spybreaker was a hero of the home front before taking to the front line, valiantly leading the Supreme Alliance and defending the American way against the Axis. It was during the Cold War against the Red Republik that Spybreaker and his team were lost, and a shadow fell across the greatest generation of Supremes.


prof hammerProfessor Hammer

Skills & Powers: Cyber-Enhanced Strength; Exceptional Intelligence; Inspiring Leadership with an iron fist.

The renowned Russian Professor Maksimilian Mikhailovich Zolotov is a veteran of World War II. After a military career distinguished by his trademark win at all costs attitude he turned his mind to science. His work sought to create Supremes through genetic manipulation, and cybernetics. After a lab accident he designed his own replacement limbs and cyber-jaw. His brilliant mind was directly involved in the creation of every member of the Red Republik in one way or another. Under his leadership the Red Republik terrorized the free world for years until their mysterious disappearance.