Spotlight on Rook

rookRook is the Coven’s odd man out, their science-soldier armed with Tremor Halberd and Impact Armor, isolated amid the Team’s magic. Coerced by Coven machinations into serving the Saints and Papa Zombie, Rook is secretly plotting against his masters and has been leaking information as he forges an alliance with Heavy Metal.

Rook is a Level 2 Villain Tank, part of the Coven Faction. He is possibly one of the best Tanks available, due to the synergy of several abilities. He can really enhance the durability and capability of other models while bringing his own threat. The combat basics are his Tremor Halberd (close combat, Damage 2 and Knockback 4 as basic Effects) and Sinkhole (Projectile with range 8 inches, with Blast 3 inch radius and Stun as basic Effects). All good, but things become really interesting with the combination of his other abilities.

Rook PoseGuard is a 3 inch Aura in which Rook can protect Friendly models with his Tank Power. Add to that Rook’s Bodyguard Power which grants him +1 die as Attacker or Defender while within 3 inches of a Friendly model nominated at the start of the game; this, combined with Guard, means Rook quickly becomes a fragile Support’s best friend. Then there is Assist, used in his first Activation each Round, boosting the AP Limit of one Friendly Supreme in Base to Base. All these Powers can work together, stacking synergy, and allowing Rook to set up a protection and buffing zone for Friendly models.

Rook is not the toughest Tank, but he can be very effective at his job, especially protecting a couple of Support Supremes with overlapping AP generating zones. His biggest weakness is his lack of mobility (Sprint 4) and his low to moderate non-Trump Mind and Spirit Traits, making him vulnerable to attacks against those, especially Mind Control.

Rook works very well in the Coven of course, but he can find a good home in many other Teams. Usually when considering synergies, it is a case of what the identified model can offer the model you want to use. Rook offers synergy with many other models, therefore it is about what he brings to them. Weaker Support models can benefit immensely (e.g. Sister Bedlam), as can models which would benefit from raised AP Limit for a Round (Tangent being freed to use Analysis with Geometry of Hurt; Doom Train being able to use Weaken twice etc.).

If you think Rook can add the steel you need to your Team, he can be found in the web-store here.

If you would like to read more about Rook came to be under the Coven’s sway, then read here.

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