Spotlight on Silverager

silveragerA peaceful mechanic or a raging maniac – both are fitting descriptions of Silverager. As the oldest member of A.R.C., Silverager prefers to be left to tinker in his workshop, building and fixing the robots of A.R.C. with his friend Virus. A reminder of injuries sustained in the A.R.C.’s earth-fall, his cyber-limbs were built to help him fix things, but they can also make him a fearsome opponent. When needed the old ape is still able to lose himself in rage and tear apart anything in his path.

Silverager is a study in duality. His Rage Power gives him two separate Trait lines to reflect his Calm and Rage states. When Calm his Mind and Defense Trumps make Silverager useful for Starting Rolls, and tough to damage up close. When in Rage he gains Trump Strength and Agility, embodying the Brawler that he is. He can start in either mode and may Fatigue himself during any Activation to change profile. He has Analysis using his Mind to grant himself Power Up dice. His primary Attack Action is Spinebreaker, used in base to base with basic Effect of Damage 2, and allowing him to inflict further Damage or even pick up the target enemy model as an EFX (Grab & Throw), which can then be chained thanks to Grab & Throw with a Throw Action to allow him to his target at another model. Throw can also be used to toss around Objects as missiles too.

silveragerSilverager’s Tech Savvy Power allows him to Heal 1 to any Friendly Mechanical model he ends his Activation in Base to Base with, but only works if he is Calm. How best to use Silverager will depend on a number of factors; starting him in Calm mode allows him to spend a number of AP early game to stockpile Power Up dice (through Analysis), when there are no Enemies nearby. You can then enter Rage late Turn 1 or early Turn 2 to begin dealing Damage to the enemy. Late-game it can be worthwhile to switch back to Calm to start Healing Damaged Friendly Mechanical models like Apebot, or to take over Starting Rolls if you have lost your Leader.

Silverager pairs well with Apebot and Virus to form a very hard-hitting team capable of healing and hurting. He also does well with M.O.D. who can increase his offensive capabilities and the two can Heal each other. Another good pairing is with the Jade Cult’s Terror Cotta Warriors. While Calm, Silverager can heal multiple TCW while they use their Tank Powers to absorb incoming attacks.


If this raging Supreme sounds like just the addition your Team needs, then Silverager can be found in the Pulp Monsters web-store here (click for link).


If you would like to read Silverager’s background his story can be found here.

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