Spotlight on Bigfoot

A freakish-looking orphan whose past is catching up with him, Bigfoot has stopped drifting the lost highways of North America as secrets that he feels were better left buried are being unearthed in his home town. Riding his trusty old bike, Bigfoot is heading back to Pulp City to make things right.

On the table Bigfoot is arguably one of the most aggressive and dangerous Infiltrators in Pulp City. With a Trump Strength of 6, a 40 mm base and Bounding Movement, Bigfoot hits plenty hard up close. His first Action is Power Smash dealing Damage 2, and allowing him to use Objects to increase his dice pool. From a distance you can use the Throw Action to fling Objects around the board dealing damage. Finally his Axe Frenzy is a Pulse 2 attack with a base Damage of 2. This means it is possible to start Bigfoot right next to the opposing Deployment Zone, jump into the enemy and deal a massive amount of Damage in the first turn. It’s a risky move but one your opponent will need to be prepared for.

bigfootlowerres2Bigfoot’s first Power helps him tremendously with his offensive capability. Almost A Powerhouse grants Bigfoot a Power Up Die during his first Activation every Round. His second power, Is That A… , stops enemies using Reactions against Bigfoot. This can be useful during a charge into combat to stop tricky opponents like Androida or Twilight from slipping away. It can also save him from taking damage from models like Apebot with their own Reactions.

Understandably, as a Nature Supreme Sovereign pairs well with Dark Solar and his all-Nature Team. But Bigfoot can also find a place with A.R.C. in a Team lead by Guerilla or a Primate of Nature. As a Hero, Bigfoot is also at home working with Indy Heroes. Where ever you put him you need to decide how to use him best. A fast first strike can potentially knock-out Level 1 Supremes in the first round, but you can’t expect him to survive long unsupported. The other option is to use him more cautiously playing hit and run, and using his Throw Action to harass the enemy. Watch out for Stun and Knockback Actions as these can seriously decrease his ability to stay in the fight.


You can Bigfoot’s big-impact threat to your hero Team by picking him up from the web-store here.

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