Spotlight on Vector and Pixels

VectorOnce the globe’s most notorious hacker, Gerry Rose thought he was on top of the world. Sadly, his crime spree drew the attention of Mysterious Man, who forced him to hack C.O.R.E. or else. When his hack failed, Gerry’s mind became lost in digital space. Then Kitty Cheshire found him and led him to freedom. Now Vector does anything she asks, and works for anyone who might give him a chance to reclaim a physical body.


Vector is a powerful Level 1 Support character who brings surprising versatility to any Team build. For a start, his Blink movement of 4 allows him to get around the battlefield with ease. His Digital Blaster is a solid Projectile attack with a 6-inch range, dealing a basic 1 Damage, and which is Strong against Mechanical models – ideal against the likes of Heavy Metal.  For defense, Vector has his Digital Shield. This can be used either as a Projectile granting Friendly models Defense 1 and possible Power Up dice. Alternatively, he can use it as an Instant action to benefit himself. His final Action allows him to Summon his Exclusive Pixel minions. Finally, Vector’s Power grants him Immunity to Damage from Mind and Spirit based Combat Actions.


Pixels are the one of the less obvious strengths of Vector. These Minions attach to Friendly models, granting extra defense as they can use their Tank power to protect from powerful attacks. They can also attach to enemy models granting allies attacking that model +1 die. If both of those things aren’t enough, you can combine 3 Pixels into Mega Pixel creating a powerful Brawler model. A common tactic is to immediately combine your starting 3 Pixels into Mega-Pixel in the first Round. Then simply Summon more until you are back up to Vector’s limit of 3 Pixels in total.


As a Hero/Villain Vector can work for anyone. Naturally he fits in well with non-Faction Teams lead by Mysterious Man, 100 Voices, or Dead Eye. He can also fit in well with Heavy Metal Teams, or even Coven; for example, use Vector’s Pixels on Chronin, Iron Train or Rook to amplify their Tank Power, boosting their already impressive defensive die pooling.  In small games he excels as he can create his own Tank Minions to keep him alive, freeing up Levels to recruit other models. In short he is an easy model to include in almost any Team.


To learn how how Vector came to control the digital world read his story here.


You can add Vector to your Hero or Villain Team here from the web-store.


Pixels are available in 5 colours through the ‘New’ releases section of the web-store and in the main listings as well.

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