Spotlight on Father Oak & Acorn

oakandacornFather and daughter, Oak and Acorn live inside Settler’s Green, the primeval forest that burst through the middle of Pulp City. Father Oak was once a simple caretaker of Settler’s Park. When he found out it was to be destroyed through corporate buyout, he made a deal with the entity known only as Mother, becoming a living tree and protector of the park. Time passed and Acorn appeared, joining Father Oak’s haven. After the Fall of Pulp City, everything changed. Now Settler’s Green is a dark and dangerous place, safe only to those with the deepest respect for nature, in all her cruel glory.

AcornfinalAcorn is a Level 1 Support with the Earth Element. Her first Action is Hide and Seek allowing her to Self/Shift as a Reaction to an Enemy coming into Base to Base with her. This is important to get her out of trouble as she needs to be fairly close to the enemy. If that doesn’t work, her Charming Kid Power grants her +2 dice as Defender against Living Models. Hurray for the Trees is a 4 inch Pulse that causes Enemy Models Fatigue and makes them Weak against Earth; this is a great early-Round Action to hamper movement, and set up your opponent for a charge by Father Oak. Finally Acorn’s Reclaim the Land destroys buildings. Some Actions in Pulp City can really Damage buildings, but Acorn can completely level a table of Structures. At 1 AP it is a 4 inch Projectile dealing Damage 5 as a basic Effect (FX). The Extra Effect (EFX) is Damage 3 and as an Earth Supreme Acorn is always Strong against Structures.

fatheroak_final lower resFather Oak is a Level 3 Powerhouse who gains 4 Power Up dice a round. Like many Powerhouses he has Power Smash as his basic Attack, Dealing 2 Damage plus EFX it can benefit from the Smash It Up bonus. Long Arm allows Father Oak to reach models up to 6 inches away and Pull them into Base to Base; as an EFX he can also Grab and Throw models or choose to Follow Up, often with Power Smash. Naturally he has the Throw Action for ranged Attacks and to chuck Enemy models at each other! His Power’s grant him Strong against Science, the ability to Self/Heal 1 every Round and Immunity to Displacements.

If you are bringing Acorn to a fight you really want to use Agendas; particularly Urban Renewal to capitalize on Acorn’s ability to potentially destroy a building for a single AP. Father Oak is a different matter. He likes to get into a strong central position and hold ground. He’s a master of King of the Hill. Being able to attack models up to 6 inches out and pull them in only to throw them back out is amazing. Being Immune to Displacement means you aren’t going to be able to knock him out of an AGP scoring position, and with Acorn nearby to provide AP and to Weaken enemy models to his attacks they provide a very solid core to build a list around.

Until more Supremes are released for Setter’s Green (watch for Bramble soon!), Father Oak & Acorn fit nicely in a Dark Solar team. They also fit well in an A.R.C. team with Guerilla. Perhaps one of the best models to bring with them is Stone Hawk; his Tank ability can keep Acorn in play, while Acorn’s Hurray for the Trees Action makes Enemies weak to his Tomahawk. With Stoneshapes around, those three can easily hold a patch of board for an entire game. There are also great starter box synergies with Wildman and Anansi, both benefiting from what Father Oak and Acorn can bring to the table.


You can read more about Father Oak and Acorn here.


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