Spotlight on Kitty Cheshire

kittychesireThe Supreme who crossed the portal between worlds known as the Silver Mirror, mad Kitty Cheshire has ventured to Pulp City from somewhere she refers to as the Otherside. Those who know of the Otherside say it contains only madness and that is surely why Kitty is the way she is. Whatever the cause, Kitty’s whims and even her personality seem to shift like quicksilver, catching her foes unprepared for whatever greater scheme she is following.

Kitty Cheshire is a Level 1 Speeder specializing in disrupting Enemy Supremes. To help her do this she has a fast Blink move of 6, and Stealth for added protection. Her first Action is Scratch, her basic Attack, but which also has a Special Effect as an Extra Effect (EFX) potentially making Kitty Immune to the Defender’s Combat Actions (those which are Trait vs. Trait) until the following Effects Phase. Simply put, this is one of the best defensive focused Actions in the game, however with two significant ‘buts’: firstly, it works against Defense, so Kitty will struggle against most Tanks and many Brawlers; secondly, because it works against Combat Actions specifically, Dynamic Actions such as E.C.T.O.’s Phase Grip are unaffected.

kitty_cheshireKitty’s other Actions are Walk the Otherside, which is Combinable allowing her to Shift models. Finally, Somersault is an Overrun with a hefty 6 inch range inflicting Stun as its basic Effect. Her Actions each operate using a different Attacking Trait which is where things become even more unusual when contemplating Kitty. Her Power means she does not have a specified Trump, but instead can choose one Trump Trait once per Round in her Activation or when Defending an Action Roll, adding +1 die to rolls with her Trump Trait – so it is important to choose wisely and try and plan ahead. A big advantage of her different Trump Actions is she can often pick the best tool for a particular job.

In terms of useful synergies, Trail can load Power Up dice onto Kitty, then in a second or subsequent Round Activate him first to use Pawns (Mind Control) and then Chain Activate to use Kitty’s Walk the Otherside to take the hapless victim even further from objectives or your lines. In a Necroplane Team with any of Dr. Tenebrous, Supreme Zed and/or Mourn, Kitty is unaffected by their area-affecting Rays and Pulses which are Limited/Living (she if an Outsider). Finally, an A.R.C. Team with Primate of Mystery can boost Kitty’s Traits making her Actions more effective.


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If you think Kitty Cheshire is the Supreme to add a special touch of mystery to your Team, she can be found in the web-store here.

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