Spotlight on Wildman

wildmanThe sole survivor of Project Chimera, an illegal experimental genetics project, Wildman is following Gaia’s call. His quest is to find the person ultimately responsible for turning him into the creature he has become. But what other plans does the mother-goddess have for this instrument of nature’s vengeance?

A Level 2 Brawler, Wildman is built to take the fight to enemy and stay there. His primary Action is Rending Slash, an AP 2 Close Combat Attack. Rending Slash inflicts Damage 2 as basic effect (FX), with Damage 1 its only Extra Effect option (EFX). It benefits from Strong against models at full HP, encouraging Wildman to charge into the fray. Howl is an excellent complement to Rending Slash, as a 6 inch range Pulse only affecting Enemies, with Stun as FX. As Howl is Combinable it is a great lead-in before using Rending Slash if Wildman is struggling to achieve a 5 dice pool (see below). Finally, Shrug Off is also Combinable, with Self/Heal 1 as FX (useful for keeping Wildman in play longer), with Self/Power Up 1 as EFX.

ChimeraWildman is a straight-up Brawler, his abilities geared to make him hit hard. His Bounding Movement type doubles up his Momentum bonus when it applies, and as he is on a 40 mm base he will often benefit from Size Matters or cancel it from Attackers (except against most Powerhouses). This means that when used aggressively, he can typically generate a die pool of 4 to 6 dice. If Wildman can push that to 5 dice (Howl is useful here to Stun a Target), then thanks to Project Chimera Blood he gets a free use of Shrug Off (no AP cost). This means it is always worth loading some Power Up dice onto Wildman to make his Actions and AP usage more efficient. His second Power grants Immune to Mobbing and High Ground from Enemy models, which synergizes well with his high die pooling.

Wildman works well with any models that can supply him with Power Up dice (to maximize his efficiency with Shrug Off, and his own Damage output) – Supremes like Trail, Tanuki, Grimmancer, and especially Dark Solar or Dead Eye as a Leader. Crimson Oni can be very useful for moving Wildman into position more quickly. Riposte’s Aura is useful for stacking Attack dice onto Wildman. Use Gentleman or Ba-Boom to soften up a Target at long range for Wildman to smash into. Finally, take Wildman in an A.R.C. Team with Primate of Nature (using Honorary Member) to really maximize buffs.


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