Spotlight on Ace of Wraiths

aceofwraithsFor over one hundred years the immortal Gunslinger, Ace of Wraiths, has protected Pulp City. He has seemingly died many times over, only to be returned to the crossroads and continue his work collecting the souls of evil-doers. However, time is now running out for him, and Ace can hear riders approaching in his dreams. Can he and the Blood Watch avert his terrible fate?

Ace of Wraiths is a Level 2 Blaster specializing in neutralizing physical combatants. Ace’s threat begins with his self-titled Ace of Wraiths Action that turns him Spectral, but still allows him to use his Ghostshot Action. Ghostshot is an Indirect Action with a 6 inch range, based on his impressive Energy 6, dealing Damage 1 as base Effect (FX) and additional (EFX). However, in conjunction with the Ace of Wraiths Action, Ghostshot adds Extra Target 4 and Spectral to its EFX choices. This allows Ace to advance, turn Spectral, then Attack and turn a Target Spectral so they cannot hit him or a teammate with physical-Trait Actions. This is an amazing way to neutralize hard-hitting Enemy Powerhouses, Brawlers and Blasters. It also cancels a Tank’s Power as Spectral models cannot be in Base to Base. Ace’s final Action, Queen of Blood, is a far-reaching 6 inch Pulse, inflicting Damage 1 (as FX and EFX).

aceAce’s Deck of Souls Power grants him a Power Up die when he KO’s Villain Supremes. King of Shadows allows him to suffer Damage 1 to generate an additional automatic EFX when he successfully uses a Combat Action against a Villain. Therefore Ace is best used to neutralize strategic targets for a Round. He is also great at dealing Damage to crowds of low HP Supremes and Minions. In addition, his ability to score with Agendas is fantastic. Ace may seem relatively slow moving at first, until you realize that turning himself Spectral changes his movement type to Blink, allowing him to teleport around the battlefield, while Ghostshot doesn’t require LOS to Target a model.

Naturally Ace works well with the Blood Watch. Blacksmith and V.H. can both increase Ace’s Attack dice increasing his Damage output. Blood Rose can Heal him to counterbalance HP loss from King of Shadows, and she and Moon Coyote can increase Ace’s mobility. As a Freelancer he also fits well with Heroes like Dead Eye and Trail: good choices to give Ace Power Up dice, and create Chain Activations. Take Ace with Amok to turn an Enemy Spectral then allow Amok to deal Damage without fear of reprisal.


Read about Ace’s journey to modern day Pulp City here (click for link).


If you want to add Ace of Wraiths to your Team, you can find him here in the web-store (click for link).

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