Spotlight on Taurus Shock Troopers

taurusOnly the strongest and most violent of Taurus V’s bulls are allowed to become members of the elite Ulthar Shock Troops. Those that survive the brutal trials of the Great Contest are subjected to years of training and indoctrination. They follow a regimen developed by Gorgoroth and overseen by Gemini Caste members, ensuring that Shock Troopers are ferocious and deadly fighters fanatically loyal to the Ulthar.

Taurus Shock Troopers are cheap (Level 1) dangerous Brawlers offering good mobility and decent Strength, and through their Trooper Power you can field up to 3 of them in an Ulthar Team. Their core Attack is the impressive Power Smash, a 2 AP Close Combat Action dealing a basic Damage 2 (as FX) with Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as Extra Effects (EFX). If you are looking to engage multiple models, Goring Rush is an Overrun Action with 5-inch range, inflicting Damage 1 as FX and EFX, with an option to Stun targets for subsequent Attacks by other Team members. Both of these Actions can be further enhanced with an additional die by using Scent Of Their Blood, a Combinable Instant Action granting Self/Attack 1.

Ulthar 2 GorgorothShock Troopers are best used for offense. With a 40mm base size and Brawler Power they can easily stack plenty of dice behind a hit. Equally at home against individuals or groups they are hard to ignore. A Sprint movement of 5 allows them to move swiftly to engage the enemy or secure Objectives. While their relatively low AP Limit of 3 means they can only make a single attack per Round, they will likely do significant Damage. Their defensive Traits are lacking but they do have 6 HP to help avoid being KO’ed.

An Ulthar team can make use of up to 3 Shock Troopers to drive forward an assault. Gorgoroth makes a superb Team-mate as he automatically gives Friendly Shock Troopers +1 die for Attacks. Utilizing Ra’Leigh’s unique Faction Leader Card, Taurus Troopers can close up incredibly quickly. The Gemini Twins make a perfect pairing with any number of Taurus Shock Troopers, enhancing offensive and defensive capabilities and offering Healing, while a trio of Shock Troops serves to provide useful extra AP in conjunction with the two Level 1 Supports. Bring one Trooper with Xenobi and use Taunting to line up juicy targets for Overrun Attacks. 100 Voices using Cacophony of Voices can grant Shock Troopers a second Attack Action each Round. Finally, in a Nature force they benefit from Dark Solar’s buff and are an effective fit in a hard-hitting Team.


You can read more about the hard journey of Taurus Shock Troopers into the Ulthar military ranks here (click for link).


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