Spotlight on Red Bella

redbellaThe de facto figurehead of the survivors of the second crashed Andryshnikov vessel, Bella knows that something big is going on in Pulp City. For the most part she is willing to aid the A.R.C. cause, but largely allows Dr. Red or Guerilla to lead. However, when she reads the signs and portents she is perfectly capable of summoning the Primate of Mystery and taking control of the A.R.C. to do what needs to be done. Recently she has been seen with Trail working together to unlock the arcane secrets of the city.

A Level 2 Mystery Supreme, Red Bella is not a typical Blaster. Her main attack Action (Weird Colt) is a 6 inch range Projectile, matching Spirit vs. Spirit. This is great against enemies like Heavy Metal, but less useful against high-Spirit models within Blood Watch for example. Her other Attack is Whip, another 6 inch Projectile, costing only 1 AP and basic effect of Pull 4. This can be great to yank enemies off building to suffer Fall, or to pull models away from Objectives or into range of Bella’s allies. Bella’s final Action is Dark Arts, which can Mind Control models; this uses her average Non-Trump Mind 4 so will mainly work against the weak willed. What really makes Bella stand out is her Ruby Idol Power. This gives you 3 Idol Points that can be spent to add more dice for Friendly models; re-roll important rolls; or take a second Activation. Idol Points persist even if Bella has been KO’ed. Finally, her Time to Go Power plays well with her Flight allowing her to cause Knockback 4 when Climbing High.

redbellafinalprevRed Bella excels against low-Spirit Trait Science Supremes. With Flight 6 and Blaster Role Power she’ll normally be rolling 4 dice, so she hits hard and can cover a lot of ground. The main reason to take Bella is Ruby Idol, although she clearly presents other threats. The ability to so drastically alter dice rolls, or create a crucial chain Activation can change the flow of a game. Bella is not a frontline fighter; she is vulnerable to close combat attacks and should stay away from Brawlers and Powerhouses.

Red Bella can find a place in almost any Team in Pulp City. Bella works well in an A.R.C. team with Primate of Mystery naturally, as she can benefit from its Chosen of the Ape Spirit to add +1 to Traits for a Round, increasing her threat. She also works the dark heroes of Blood Watch and the various buffs that models like Blacksmith and others offer. She can even find a place with Forgotten, or Coven if you are feeling Villainous.


You can read more about Red Bella’s adventures before arriving in Pulp City here (click for link).


If you think Red Bella’s trusty Wyrd Colt, jet-pack and arcane knowledge are what your Team needs, she is available here in the web-store (click for link).

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