Spotlight on Grimm Lee Chan

grimmleechanLittle Asia’s strangest resident protector, Grimm Lee Chan has earned his place in the hearts of local citizens. Rumor and speculation surrounds how he came to live there, but one thing is certain, he is always part of its first line of defense. Of course, there are times when he may not be seen for days, when some suspect he ventures underground to be with others of his kind.

Grimm Lee Chan is a basic Brawler with a decent AP Limit (4 at Level 1), who can dish out a surprising amount of Damage from his primary Grimm Chucks Action. Grimm Chucks costs AP 2 to use, with Damage 2 as its basic effect (FX) and Damage 1, Stun or Follow Up as Extra Effects (EFX) choices. His second Attack is Grimm Chi Whirlwind, a Pulse with 3 inch range inflicting Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as FX, and Damage 1 as EFX. Finally, he has Grimm Fu, a Combinable Action which is especially useful as its FX is Self/Attack 1, with the capacity to add Power Up dice as EFX.

GrimmFuLRIt is through his Power – Swift Strikes – where Grimm Lee Chan really shines, and which has synergy with Grimm Chucks and Grimm Fu. The Power allows him to use Follow Up Grimm Chuck Actions at a cost of 1 AP each in the same Activation, if he first achieves at least 2 EFX on Grimm Chucks. To maximize his chance of doing this efficiently, it is important to get as many dice as possible on him. It is a case of balancing using Grimm Fu for the hoped-for extra Attack die, or saving that 1 AP for possibly a third Grimm Chucks Action in the same Turn. Therefore, getting Power Up dice onto Grimm Lee Chan can be very useful and a good way to optimize his Damage output versus AP spent.

Grimm Lee Chan is aligned to two Factions (Grimm and The Way), giving him lots of utility, particularly as a cheap Level 1 Supreme. Tanuki can supply Power Up dice and his Zen Focus Action super-charges Grimm Lee Chan’s Agility to 8 for using Grimm Chucks, almost guaranteeing success. White Tiger gives an immediate bonus to Lee Chan’s close combat Attacks. John Grimmsham’s Aura can stack Attack dice for Lee Chan, while Grimmancer can provide Power Up dice. Attack a model in BtB with Hooligrimm for an extra +1 Trait bonus. Finally, TINY! can use his Mutate Special Effect to boost Lee Chan’s Traits, before Throwing him into the thick of the action!


You can learn more about Grimm Lee Chan’s backstory here (click for link).


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