Spotlight on 100 Voices

100voicesA disgraced lawyer whose predilection for gruesome murder was halted by Dead Eye, Eric Hanson has been remade, now the embodiment of madness. More powerful as a Supreme than he was in his former life, 100 Voices has been slowly consolidating his influence and reach, drawing weaker minds than his into his thrall. A shadowy figure in the Pulp City underworld, none can guess at 100 Voices ultimate goals.

Madness, chaos, and the ability to do the unpredictable are overwhelming advantages 100 Voices brings. He offers a Mind Control Action (Whispers) which synergizes with Voicelings being in Base to Base with the target, granting 100 Voices an extra die. Whispers features Mind Control and Shift 4 as basic Effects (FX), and Attack 1 as Extra Effect (EFX), nasty to make a buffed Enemy Supreme to assault their allies! Terrible Voices is a de-buff Action with Stun and Suppress 2 as FX, and a range of EFX options, very useful for shutting down models which generate large die pools such as Powerhouses. 100 Voices’ final Exclusive Action a 4 inch range Pulse which allows Friends and Enemies alike to perform free Attacks against models in Base to Base. This ability is wildly fun, and often unpredictable.

fcl_voices-page-001100 Voices’ A Mind Is A Terrible Thing Power grants him +1 die for Combat Actions and a further +1 die against Living models. Cloak Of Madness forces models Attacking 100 Voices to use Spirit instead of the designated Trait unless they pay an additional 1 AP, very useful as most models will likely have lower Spirit than the designated Trait and may lack Trump in Spirit. Finally, Step Through Shadows doubles his Blink move to 8 as long as he uses no other Actions in the same Turn.

As a Leader, 100 Voices has access to 3 Leader cards each game to tailor how you want your Team to perform. In addition, a Villain Team led by 100 Voices and lacking Faction affiliation gains the Whispered Screams Faction Leader Card (see right). This means that Freelancers can be included, and Honorary Member can ‘switch off’ a Faction for a single Supreme. Whispered Screams turns all Friendly Supremes Spectral, which is a great defensive ploy in Round 2 or especially Round 3, but don’t use it in Round 4 as it stops models scoring AGP.

100 voices no head shot100 Voices works well against models with low Spirit Trait as they can be forced to use their Spirit value in place of their normal Trait when Attacking. Naturally, Voicelings offer a good synergy so should always be considered in a 100 Voices Team. Avatar of the Jaguar offers excellent melee Attacks, but can also use Dread Totem even if turned Spectral. Sanguine (Day or Night) is a good Support choice, as most of his Actions can still be used if Spectral, and a Fatigue can be saved through the Leader Card, while Sister Bedlam offers a similar capability to function unimpeded while Spectral. Tangent complements board control with her own (through Geometry of Hurt threat). If you want a heavy-hitter, Yeti and Cro Mag are ideal Powerhouse options.



If you think 100 Voices is just the twisted Leader your Team needs, you can buy him here in the web-store (click for link).

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