Spotlight on Androida (*new*)

new_androida-_raw2_logoOriginally a technological wonder abused as a play-thing by her nefarious creator, Androida is one of the world’s most recognizable artificial intelligences, an activist for women’s rights and beloved Supreme Hero all rolled into one. Recently she was terribly injured at the hands of Red Republik. Rebuilt, she is ready to face the world anew.


Androida is one of the first Pulp City SE characters to evolve in-game, reflecting her progressing story. The new version is a Level 2 Speeder, with more HP, increasing her durability. Her Actions are all essentially upgrades of what she could do previously. Focused Eye Beams is a Projectile with AP cost 2, delivering Damage 1 as basic Effect (FX) and a choice of Damage 1 or Extra Target 6 as Extra Effects (EFX). With Androida’s low die-pooling on Attacks, this is best used against low-HP models, particularly Minions. Lightning Speed is Combinable, allowing Androida to Self/Shift, supplementing the three Movement Actions she can take as a Speeder. Finally, at AP 2, EM Synaptic Control is a Pulse which is Strong against Mechanical, allowing Androida to Stun the Defender, or Stun or Mind Control Mechanical Targets.


andAndroida’s Faster Than Bullets Power allows her to avoid Damage on a 5+ on 1d6 if she has moved already. She also has the new Field Commander Power, granting a Leader card to the Team and allowing Androida to supply Power Up dice through the game. What the sum of her abilities means is that now Androida is very good at claiming and holding Objectives (excepting Displacement Effects). She is no front-line combatant, but importantly she is no pushover. It is vital to move her early in the Round to optimize Faster Than Bullets. Bear in mind that she is easily capable of travelling over 30 inches in a single Round, meaning even if moved early, she can still move decisively to contest or claim Objectives later.


androidanew-page-002trimAndroida has synergies with various Supremes. M.O.D. is a useful Healer as he can Activate (to Heal) after Androida moves close if she is low on HP. Dr. Mercury can steadily supply Power Up dice. Lady Cyburn’s Heaven’s On Fire allows Androida to Chain Activate if within range. Beyond Heavy Metal, Vector can place Pixels on Androida, increasing her defensive die-pooling as she moves away from her Team-mates. Alternatively, take Androida in an A.R.C. Team using Honorary Member with the Primate of Science, to add a nice bonus die to her Focused Eye Beams, or early game +2 to all Traits through Chosen of the Ape Spirit.


If you want to add the new Androida mini to your team she is in the web-store now (you can find her here – click for link).

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