Spotlight on Dr. Warlock

sg1_drwarlockFor the first time in our Spotlight series we take a look a Supreme Genesis creation, Dr. Warlock, the product of Drew Wood’s fertile imagination!

A British scholar and world-renowned psychologist and parapsychologist, Dr. Alexander Warlock was on a lecture tour of the USA. Arriving for the final leg in Pulp City, he received a strange package. There were no postal markings and the deliveryman was gone as quickly as he arrived. Inside the package was an ancient gleaming amulet. Donning the amulet, Alexander was filled with the unleashed power of the Warlock mantle. The new Dr. Warlock had been Chosen.

warlock-p2Dr. Warlock is Level 3 Hero Leader, offering offensive, defensive and supportive abilities. His sole Attack Action is Amulet of Thoth. At AP 2, a relatively cheap Ray with 6 inch range, for which Dr. Warlock will typically roll a hefty 4 dice. The Action has a basic Effect (FX) of Damage 1, with Extra Effect (EFX) choices of Damage 1, Stun, Fatigue or Power Down 1. Next is British Wit, an Aura offering Defend 1 within 5 inches (FX), and Attack 1 or Defend 1 as EFX. Finally, Dr. Warlock has a Reaction to Enemy models moving into Base to Base (BtB) with him; Take That is an AP 1 Action inflicting Damage 1 as FX and EFX, and a useful deterrent or countermeasure, especially against low HP opponents.

warlock-p3leaderDr. Warlock’s first Power is Gentlemanly Decorum, granting him Immunity to Stun (therefore always keeping his Flight bonuses in play). Next is Teachings of the Ancients, giving him a bonus to Amulet of Thoth and British Wit Action Rolls, as well as Starting Rolls. On Starting Rolls this gives him an edge against most other Leaders. Lastly, Secret Keeper supplies 2 Power Up dice to Friendly Mystery Supremes (and Monsters!) in BtB with Dr. Warlock during the Effects Phase – a great way to load up on Power Up dice in Round one where there is less risk when models are clustered.

Like other Leaders, Dr. Warlock gets 3 Leader cards per game, allowing players to modify his play-style around Team functions. Additionally, his Aura of Enchantment Faction Leader Card is unlocked if the Team-members do not have a Faction Affiliation. When played, for the rest of the Round Friendly Mystery Supremes generate EFX for Attack Actions on rolls of 4+, basically giving them the Powerhouse Role power for a Round! Along with Secret Keeper this emphasizes the importance of non-Faction Mystery Supremes in the Team to gain maximum benefit.

drwarlocklrHero Teams where all models lack a Faction are perfect for Dr. Warlock, preferably with primarily Mystery Supremes. Sovereign is an ideal ally (and not just because they are both British!), as a ranged and melee fighter, who can benefit from Dr. Warlock’s Power Up dice feed and British Wit Aura. Ace of Wraiths is another good option for the same reasons, while focused on ranged combat. Trail is an excellent Support choice, able to add Power Up to Dr. Warlock before triggering a Chain Activation. Kitty Cheshire can load up on Power Up dice in Round one before using her mobility to grab an Objective. Finally, use Honorary Member to remove Amok’s Faction affiliation, allowing him to work in the Team without compromising the Faction Leader Card.


If you want to add Dr. Warlock as your Team’s Leader, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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