Spotlight on Mourn

mournOne of the first vanguard of Necroplane Supremes to appear in Pulp City, Mourn has been screaming terror at his foes for many years.

A genocidal dictator imprisoned in the unforgiving walls of Hellrock, the one who became Mourn was broken by the tormenting calls of baen sidhe. His mind shattered, he was slowly transformed, imprisoned and surrounded by the flayed skins of many of his victims. When he was eventually freed there was an inextricable bond between this killer and those who had suffered at his hand, their hides forming vestments for his emaciated form. He drew power from the dead, joining the ranks of Tenebrous’ cadre.

mourn-page-002A Level 1 Blaster with Flight movement, Mourn can be surprisingly dangerous to unsuspecting opponents, but limited by 5 HP. Mourn’s first combat Action is Banshee Wail, an Indirect Attack (meaning no Line of Sight needed, although Limited to Living Targets) with 6 inch range, causing Stun as its core Effect (FX), with the choice of Power Down 1 (removing a Power Up die) or Fatigue as the Extra Effect (EFX) options. As a pure de-buff Action Banshee Wail is perfect for setting up victims for Mourn’s other Attacks or those of his allies. His second Action is Ssshred Them! This is a Combinable Action (so can be used in the same Activation as Banshee Wail), inflicting Damage 1 as FX and EFX, allowing Mourn to Attack an already hopefully Stunned model.

Mourn’s final Attack is Screams of the Dead, a Ray with range of 6 inches, meaning it can catch multiple models, and also Limited to Living Targets. Screams has an impressive FX of Damage 1 and Suppress 1, and EFX of Damage 1 or Suppress 1. While Mourn’s Action can leave him in a position to possibly be Attacked, his Power, Laughter of the Dead, can mitigate this; it inflicts Damage 1 automatically on Living models within 4 inches if Mourn is KO’ed, meaning Friendly Necroplane models are safe if triggered.

mourn-artA useful synergy is Feartigo, especially if Mourn and then later Feartigo (using Terror Bomb) are able to Target a low-Spirit Powerhouse as they can strip away the Target’s Power Up dice (great for use in Round 2 if timed right). Dr. Tenebrous, Doom Train, Sanguine or Night Fright & Leech can stack Suppress with Mourn, which is excellent for lowering offensive die pools. Xenobi’s Taunting can Pull models closer to Mourn, singling them out for Attacks. Use Mourn to Stun a Target before following up with a long-range attack from Gentleman; in fact, Mourn works well to set up Targets with the Stunned Condition, combining well with any subsequent Attack in the same Round.


Read here to learn more about Mourn’s descent into madness and rise into the rank of the Necroplane Scourge (click for link).


If you would like to add Mourn to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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