Spotlight on Spybreaker

spybreakerEmerging from the Cold War into Pulp City’s hour of gravest need, Spybreaker is the Leader who epitomizes the best of the best.

Spybreaker, America’s greatest Supreme hero, a man thought lost until the Supreme Alliance appeared in Pulp City during the Fall. The only survivor of highly experimental process that saw the sacrifice of dozens of the best and bravest, Spybreaker was a hero of the home front before taking to the front line. During the Cold War, it was while fighting against the threat of the Red Republik that Spybreaker and his allies vanished along with their foes, and a shadow fell across the greatest generation of Supremes. Returned, Spybreaker is ready to lead once again, a shining beacon to others.

spybreaker-page-002Spybreaker’s Actions offer an excellent mix of offense, defense, and Team buffing. Shield Slam is his Attack, a 6-inch range Projectile with Damage 1 as base Effect (FX); Extra Effects (EFX) are Damage 1 and Knockback 1 combined, or Extra Target 6. Don’t forget, there is nothing stopping Spybreaker using Shield Slam in Base to Base (BtB) for Momentum bonus. Alliance Assemble is a huge 10-inch Pulse which removes Stun and Suppress as its Special FX from Friendly Supreme Alliance models (but would not negate an Enemy Suppress Aura for example); providing Pull 2 or Self/Power Up 1 as EFX. Finally, Supremium Shield is a Reaction to being Targeted; its Special FX makes Spybreaker Immune to the triggering Action for the Turn (not the Round).

fcl_supremealliance-page-001While not the Leader with the highest Trait line, Spybreaker’s Powers compensate by granting incredibly useful buffs. Master Strategist provides a cumulative bonus to Spybreaker’s Starting Rolls (+1 Mind and +1 die); on Round 4 he rolls 4 dice with a Mind of 8. The Power also adds the die bonus to Alliance Assemble. Shield Supreme adds +1 die when Defending against non-Mind and non-Spirit Attacks, with Spybreaker and Friendly models in BtB getting the bonus. Finally, Supreme Solider Formula adds +1 die as attacker and defender (stacking with Shield Supreme), making Spybreaker an all-round fighter.

As a Leader, Spybreaker can choose 3 Leader cards each game to adjust how you want your Team to perform, and to best fit your Team selection. In addition, he gains his Faction Leader Card if your whole Team is Supreme Alliance. His Faction card allows him to automatically win the Starting Roll once per game, gaining one of each basic Master Plan; with his Master Strategist Power, the optimal time to use the card is probably Round 2, unless facing a Team with a very high Mind value.

spybreaker_smlMaking the most of Spybreaker’s abilities involves an all-Supreme Alliance Team, yet they still provide a lot of options. Arquero’s Supreme Alliance alt-card makes him perfect to provide backfield firepower. AP are vital for any Team to function, and Sabotage and E.C.T.O. are both excellent options as Support Supremes. Use Alliance Assemble after Battlesuit 7 has Stunned himself through Overload; this returns Battlesuit 7’s movement to Bounding, ideal for boosting his Power Smash. Lastly, the Cold War version of Perun has Stormwall, which stacks with Spybreaker’s Shield Supreme bonus (you can find the Arquero and Perun alt-cards in the web-store).


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