Spotlight on Sabotage

sabotageSabotage is a Support Supreme able to handle herself in combat, making her an ideal choice for many Teams.

OSS-trained, Collette Moreau (code-named Sabotage) was a teenage Resistance fighter whose actions continuously hampered the Axis powers. Few would believe that one young woman could have been responsible for all the top-secret missions she successfully completed. When the war ended, Colette emigrated to the USA. Her citizenship was expedited in exchange for her joining the nascent CIA, becoming a top field agent. Her prior work in counter-espionage had ensured the success of the Llusk-Van Beek project, and this coupled with her successes as a CIA operative led Spybreaker to recruit Sabotage to his group.

sabotage-page-002Sabotage’s Actions offer various Attacks and buffing Effects. Precision Shot is a typical Projectile with Damage 1 as base Effect (FX) for 2 AP, until you get to its Extra Effects (EFX): Stun, Knockback 2 or Power Down 2 – ideal for debuffing a Target or removing them from scoring for Plots/Agendas. Neural Scrambler is also a Projectile, delivering a Special Effect which limits the Target to rolling 1 die for Mind or Spirit rolls until the Round ends and the next Starting Roll; great against who bring a Starting Roll bonus, or against Factions such as Necroplane and Forgotten. Finally, Multipurpose Grenade creates a buffing zone, with one of three Effects which can be chosen by Sabotage’s player to grant Stealth, Power Up, or Heal.

Sabotage’s first Power is Saboteur; this generates AP for her Team’s Pool equal to the first AP expenditure by the opposing player each Round. This will often be 1 or 2 AP, buts just as importantly it may delay your opponent using a powerful and expensive (AP 3 or 4) Action as his/her opening gambit in a Round. Her second Power is Intel which limits Enemy models to only using no more than 3 dice when Targeting Sabotage; this adds to Sabotage’s durability meaning she can be very hard to take down.

sabotagelrBattlesuit 7 can really benefit from Stealth through Sabotage’s Multipurpose Grenade (Smoke) if sitting on an Objective/scoring area, and similarly Arquero shooting from the backfield. Use Sabotage’s Multipurpose Grenade (Stim) along with E.C.T.O.’s Improved Analysis to quickly load most of your team with Power Up dice. Perun’s (Cold War Special Card) Stormwall can boost Sabotage’s defensive die pool to synergize with the cap on Attack dice against her. Sabotage can be useful in other Factions besides Supreme Alliance; in A.R.C. with Honorary Member, the Primate of Science can boost with Chosen of the Ape Spirit, hugely complementing her Intel Power.


If you would like to add Sabotage to your Team, you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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