Spotlight on Bramble

sgx-1-brambleThis is the second of our Supreme Genesis Spotlights, focusing this time around on Andrew Campbell’s fierce forest warrior – nature’s avenger, Bramble.

Deep within Settler’s Green’s wild wood, Supremes gather. Heeding the Heartwood’s call, a slender female known as Bramble is one such who has responded. Bark and leaves intertwined into a humanoid form, foliage forges Bramble’s armor, weapons, and clothing. Joining the growing numbers inhabiting Settler’s Green, Bramble is an avenging spirit fighting for nature and opposing the spread of technology. Bramble’s links to Father Oak and Acorn, and mysterious Mother are not clear. But on occasion she has been seen around the city accompanying other Supremes unconnected to Settler’s Green.

bramble-page-002cropLike other Level 2 Infiltrators, Bramble generates enough AP to meet her own AP Limit, making her an excellent choice for almost any Team. Her first Action is Greenwood Arrow, a 6-inch range Projectile. Utilizing Bramble’s impressive Trump Agility 6, this Action inflicts Damage 1 and Stun as basic Effects (FX), and Damage 1 as Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Green Shade, an Aura creating a zone where Friendly models gain Stealth, ideal to shelter fast models able to move rapidly up the board. Bramble’s final Action is Little Children which allows her to Summon multiple Ash Trees; these provide a +1 die defensive bonus to Friendly models, and as Structures they can offer Cover bonuses if models are well-positioned.

Born From The Green is Bramble’s first Power; with this she is Fatigued and then she is placed in Base to Base (BtB) with an Ash Tree anywhere on the board (although dropping anything she is Burdened with); this can catch opposing models by surprise and allows fast redeployment to claim Objectives. Her second Power is Deep Roots which adds +2 dice to Bramble’s Greenwood Arrow Action if she is in BtB with an Ash Tree – this makes early use of Little Children very important to offer Bramble plenty of choices for movement as well as dice bonuses.

pc-bramblelrBramble naturally works well in a Settler’s Green Team, along with Father Oak, Acorn and future releases, as they benefit from her Ash Tree defensive bonus. As a Freelancer she profits from Dead Eye’s Power Up assistance and Chain Activations. Dark Solar is an excellent Leader option who can potentially supply a tremendous amount of Power Up dice through a game. Pair Bramble with Bigfoot for a very hard-hitting flanking force; she can also protect her ally through Green Shade. Use Honorary Member to take Bramble in a Nature-focused Ulthar Team to grant them defensive buffs through her Ash Trees.


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