Spotlight on Boreas

boreasBoreas is a Blaster specializing in manipulating scatter terrain for powerful attacks and board control.

The Demon of the Winds was one of the first Forgotten awakened in the new age, godlings of eons past reborn into a new age. While previously other isolated Forgotten were hunted down and returned to darkness as they emerged, in the late twentieth century they reappeared in greater numbers under Stygian’s guidance. Boreas’ return to the mortal realm was heralded by pain and death. Stygian soon realized that linked to a human host, the returned wind-demon could be anchored to the Earthly plane as an important agent of destruction, and Boreas has tormented Pulp City ever since.

boreas-page-002Boreas is a Level 2 Blaster, but one that offers area denial through his Actions. Whirlwind is a cheap (1 AP) Projectile Attack with 6 inch range offering debuff through Suppress 1 as base Effect (FX), and choices of Fatigue, Stun or Suppress 1 as Extra Effects (EFX). Next is Gale, Boreas’ primary Attack, a Throw (THR) with 8-inch range inflicting Damage 1 as FX, and Damage 1, Knockback 4 or Stun as EFX. As a Throw, Gale needs Objects to hand, but Boreas’ Host Power helps out here (see below). His final Action is Blood Wind, a big Pulse (6 inch radius from Boreas’ base) dealing Damage 1 and Shift 4 together as FX, and Damage 1 or Stun as EFX.

Demon Of The Winds is a simple Power, granting Boreas both Immunity to Displacement Effects (useful for guarding Objectives), but also Strong versus Flight. Host allows Boreas to use Gale on Objects up to 6 inches away, measuring range to the Target from his base. This creates a large zone of opportunity for Gale. With the Shift FX of Blood Wind, Fatigue EFX from Whirlwind, Knockback EFX from Gale, and Stun EFX from all three Actions, Boreas has a lot of options for area control, supplemented by Host freeing him up with Object missiles from over a wide area.

Boreas artBoreas offers excellent board control for Forgotten Teams. Stygian’s Gaze of the Gorgon offers excellent synergy with Blood Wind, as Shifted models will not be able to reposition in the same Round. Hellsmith’s Earthquake offers Fatigue as an EFX, complementing Whirlwind, isolating models and rendering them unable to move if subjected to both. Whirlwind stacks with Mr. Kraken’s Malevolence debuffs. Beyond Forgotten Teams, 100 Voices’ Terrible Voices or Green Emperor’s Dragon Coil also combine well with Whirlwind. Finally, Seabolt’s Go With The Flow offers Shift as FX, so works effectively with Blood Wind to move Enemy models away from Objectives.


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