Spotlight on V.H.

vhThe relentless leader of the Blood Watch, V.H. is a powerful combatant who specialises in creating potent die pools for her Team.

Orphaned following a savage attack on her family, Victoria van Helsing was taken in and trained by the Order of the Forge to become the ultimate hunter of fiends. After many years of preparation she was finally ready to hunt her family’s killer. That quest eventually brought her to Pulp City where she gathered together the latest incarnation of the Blood Watch. Her quarry has so far eluded justice at V.H.’s sword. Soon a reckoning will come, and vengeance will be V.H.’s.

vh-page-002V.H. is a Level 3 Leader, offering distinctive abilities. Firstly, her main Combat Action, Power Lunge, uses her excellent Agility value of 6 against Defense. Power Lunge is a close combat Attack with Damage 2 as its basic Effect (FX), and Damage 1 as sole Extra Effect (EFX) choice. Warding is next, a debuffing melee Action, offering a combined FX suite of Stun, Power Down 3 and Hinder, with Self/ Power Up 1 as EFX; Hinder is a Special Effect which negates the Target’s Role Power (except Leaders), especially useful against Tanks and Speeders. Finally, The Hunter is a Combinable Projectile Action with 6 inch range, with Master Hunter as FX and Follow Up as EFX; Master Hunter is another Special Effect, allowing V.H. to generate EFX on a 4+ for subsequent Action Rolls against the Target until the following Effects Phase, much like a Powerhouse.

Blood Of The Hunter is V.H.’s first Power, allowing her to win tied Action Rolls against Villain Supremes. Next is Exorcism, granting +1 die to Friendly Supremes when Attacking NonLiving and Outsider models (very useful if facing Necroplane, Forgotten, or to a lesser extent Coven). Her final Power is Hunter Training, which ensures V.H. always rolls a minimum of 3 dice as Attacker for Action Rolls, which applies to all her Actions. This gives her excellent protection against Suppress and makes her less reliant on Attack or Power Up bonuses than most Leaders.

fcl_bloodwatch-page-001 As with other Leaders, V.H. is able to choose Leader Cards. You can use these cards to enhance your Supremes or cover options you think your Team needs. In addition, if she is part of an all-Blood Watch Team she gains the Night Stalkers Faction card. Unusually, this card allows the player a choice of bonus, as +2 dice to all Attacks or +2 dice to all rolls as Defender for a Round. Since Blood Watch has some excellent buffs through V.H., Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo, this can create some very powerful die pools which can catch your opponent off-guard. Consider using the Ultimate Warrior and Adrenaline Surge Leader cards, especially in conjunction with Night Stalkers.

V.H.’s Leader Card choices offer excellent synergies with the abilities of Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo, providing excellent boosts to a whole Blood Watch Team. Blood Rose and Moon Coyote are both great Supremes to get V.H. into the thick of battle. If you are facing a Team with a lot of Outsider or NonLiving Supremes, then Six Feet Under’s Dust To Dust will be more likely to trigger thanks to V.H.’s extra die from Exorcism. If you feel her Team needs a harder-hitting Infiltrator, you can use Honorary Member to recruit Bigfoot. Finally, Red Bella’s Idol Points work well with Master Hunter and Hunter Training, allowing V.H. to reroll dice to try and trigger EFX.


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