Spotlight on Terror Cotta Warriors

terrorcotta1Unrelenting armored agents of the Jade Cult, Terror Cotta Warriors are robotic soldiers in the service the Green Emperor.

Forged from illicit technologies that no government would sanction; the Terror Cotta Warriors are the backbone of the Jade Cult’s army. Each unit is controlled using grafted biological components taken from servants of the Green Emperor who have failed him. In some way they serve anew as effectively mindless drones, programmed to fulfill the will the master of the Jade Cult. Terror Cotta Warriors have now been deployed in growing numbers on the streets of Pulp City as the Green Emperor has turned his gaze upon the distant metropolis.

TCW_tank-page-002At 2 AP, the main Attack Action for Terror Cotta Warriors is Homing Rocket, an Indirect Action with 8-inch range, which doesn’t require Line of Sight. It is Strong/All (adding +1 die to rolls), with basic Effect (FX) of Damage 1, and Extra Effects (EFX) of Damage 1 or Stun. Secondary to this is Power Smash, an excellent Attack dealing Damage 2 as FX, and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX; however, this uses Terra Cotta Warrior’s non-Trump Strength 5. Finally, Terror Stomp is a cheap 1 AP Pulse with 2-inch range, delivering Suppress 1 as FX, and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX; this is useful to soften up a target before a subsequent Attack by Terror Cotta Warrior or an ally.

Level 2 Tanks, Terror Cotta Warriors are often the backbone of a Jade Cult Team. Having Trump Defense of 5 and the Armored Power enabling them to use Defense instead of Agility (but as non-Trump), Terror Cotta Warriors have an in-built resilience, with their biggest weakness being Spirit value of only 1. Thanks to their Trooper Power, an all-Jade Cult Team can recruit up to 3 Terror Cotta Warriors, providing plenty of back-field shooting as well as an incredible and almost unmatchable supply of Tank protection.

terrorcotta_colorsTanuki works very well with a Terror Cotta Warrior, benefiting from Tank protection, while supplying Power Up dice in return. Green Emperor’s Shadow Mastery Leader Card adds significantly to Terror Cotta Warriors’ durability by granting Stealth and Immunity/Projectiles to the Team for a Round. Outside of Jade Cult, Support Supremes with ranged abilities such as Gemini X and Gemini Y or Lady in Red can utilize a Terror Cotta Warriors’ Tank role while the Warrior fires off Homing Rockets. For the Forgotten in general, a Terror Cotta Warrior offers a more durable Tank option if needed (likely through Honorary Member).


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