Spotlight on Antaean

SGX 1 antaeanContinuing our Spotlights on Supreme Genesis creations, this time we take a closer look at the mighty Antaean, created by Ross Benford.

One tale of ancient Greece is “the giants revolt”. Legend told that the Titans, imprisoned in Tartarus, plotted against Olympus. Their plan was to locate the herb of immortality. Zeus foiled them, found the herb first, and took it to the heavenly planes. However, small traces of the herb remained. Some tales say a warrior stumbled upon the herb ground where the herbs rested, becoming a champion for the gods. Others stories depict a drunkard inadvertently mixing the herb with honey, creating a beverage that accidently bestowed upon him god-like powers. In all accounts, the unknown protagonist used his new-found powers for heroic deeds, naming himself “Antaean” for his superhuman strength.

Antaean-page-002A Level 3 Hero Powerhouse, Antaean is a heavy-duty threat at close quarters, and one of only two Powerhouses with Flight Movement Type. His first Action is Power Takedown, a 2 AP close combat Attack causing Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX), with Extra Effect (EFX) choices of Damage 1 and Grab & Throw. The latter can allow Antaean to immediately use the victim of Power Takedown as a missile for his Throw Action. Throw does Damage 2 as EFX, with Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as EFX. A combo of both Actions allows Antaean to put out a lot of Damage in a single Activation. Antaean’s final Action is Foot Stomp, a Pulse with 3-inch range inflicting Damage 1 and Stun as FX, and Damage 1, Knockback 4 or Power Down 2 as EFX.

Antaean’s first Power is Touch of Immortality which allows him to Fatigue himself in his first Activation each Round to Heal 2 lost HP. Laugh It Off gives Antaean a Power Up die whenever he cancels any EFX as Defender (working well with two of his Trump Traits, Defense and Agility). Finally, Sturdy As A Greek Temple renders Antaean Immune to fall and Crash Damage and stops opposing models benefitting from Size Matters.

AntaeanAntaean works very well with either Dead Eye or Dr. Warlock as Leader as he meets the requirements for their respective Faction cards. In addition, Dr. Warlock can super-charge Antaean with additional Power up dice, typically in Rounds one or two. Take Antaean with Vector to use Pixels for a defensive bonus, increasing his already impressive durability. Using Flight of the Phoenix, Crimson Oni is great to further enhance Antaean’s mobility. Tekkna, Trail and Dead Eye can all usefully supply Power up dice to maximize Antaean’s threat. Finally, use Honorary Member to include Antaean in a Blood Watch Team, and take advantage of Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo’s buffs.


If you want to add Antaean to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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