Spotlight on Professor Hammer

Prof HammerThe indomitable Leader of Red RepublikProfessor Hammer rules his Team with rocket-powered iron fists!

Stalwart war hero and brilliant scientist, Professor Maksimilian Mikhailovich Zolotov is the undisputed leader of the Red Republik. The Team’s very existence is merely an extension of the application of his will. Determined to provide his nation with a cadre of Supremes, he succeeded using dark science. A lab accident during his experiments caused him to be transformed into Professor Hammer as he designed his own replacement limbs and cyber-jaw. A Supreme in his own right, Hammer now had the physical capacities to match his intellect and willpower, allowing him to lead the Red Republik from the front.

Professor Hammer-page-002Professor Hammer provides Actions which can take some getting used to. Power Smash is a straightforward close combat Action (enabling Smash It Up), delivering Damage 2 as FX (basic Effect), and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX (Extra Effects). Next is I Volunteer You!, a very interesting Combinable Action! This Action is Strong with Red Republik, inflicting Damage 1 and Shift 4 as FX – you may ask why you would want it, well it offers Shift 2 or Attack 1 among its EFX; against an Enemy choose from Damage 1, Shift or Suppress 1! Finally, Iron Litany is a Pulse which is cheap to use (2 AP) but offers an array of buffs Limited to Red Republik as EFX all offset by Damage 1.

Hammer’s Powers will allay wariness some players may have about Damaging their own models. Rocket Fists adds +1 die to his Strength rolls and allows Power Smash or I Volunteer You! to be used at range for an extra 1 AP. In Russia, Hammer Strikes You allows Power Smash to be used as a Reaction with a further +1 die bonus. Finally, For The Motherland grants a Power Up die all Friendly Red Republik Supremes each time a Friendly Red Republik Supreme is KO’ed – this can be exploited using Hammer’s buffing type Actions, and especially with Red Robots.

fcl_redrepublik-page-001In terms of Leader Cards, Energy Boost is ideal to make Friendly Supremes hit as hard as they can as quickly as possible, stacking with the buffs that Professor Hammer provides. Think about Ultimate Warrior to maximize EFX outputs, especially with Attack and Power Up buffs likely to be in play. The Red Republik Faction Leader Card (Iron Curtain) give a very specific protection: Immunity against Enemy Mind and Spirit Actions for a Round – this can set up a decisive assault against Factions like Necroplane, Blood Watch or Forgotten especially. The Red Republik can move surprisingly fast but can suffer in an attritional battle, so act quickly with them and choose cards to suit that style.

In a Red Republik Team, Red Robots can benefit from I Volunteer You! or Iron Litany, using Repair to Self/ Heal Damage taken while being buffed. S.P.U.T.N.I.K. and Professor Hammer can work together to Shift allies multiple times, moving models 4-8 inches up the board to quickly dominate territory; this offers particular synergy for models who need to Fatigue themselves such as Siberian and Snieschinka. Take Jade Oni through Honorary Member; move Hammer, then use I Volunteer You! at range to buff Jade Oni and effectively advance him 2 inches at the same time.


You can learn more about Professor Hammer and the Red Republik from his story here (click for link).

If you want to start a team featuring Professor Hammer, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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