FAQ & Errata Update

FAQ announcement_smlWe have added the February 2017 Errata & FAQ update to the downloads section which you can find here: link


The latest update adds:

  • FAQ re: moving off board edges
  • Terrain Manipulation errata for models such as Boreas, Doom Train and S.P.U.T.N.I.K. who don’t use use Strength for their Actions
  • Errata for E.C.T.O.’s Hyper-Density Power.

Spotlight on Chronin


Heavy Metal’s time-twisting scientist-swordswoman, Chronin seeks vengeance for the loss of her family while forging her own future.

When her parents and siblings were brutally killed by agents of the Jade Cult, strange powers were unlocked within the young girl later known as Chronin. Armed with the sword she took from the killer sent after her family, Chronin moved to Pulp City and today is a stalwart member of Heavy Metal, and a Hero admired around the world. All the while, the young scientist-Supreme seeks to both unlock the secrets of temporal manipulation and use that knowledge to stop the insidious reach of Green Emperor into Pulp City.

Chronin-page-002Although only a Level 1 Tank, Chronin can be surprisingly effective and durable, but that depends on timing in how she is played. Chronin’s only Attack is Flurry, a close combat Action with Damage 1 as its base Effect (FX). Flurry has no Damage as Extra Effect (EFX), instead the Flurry of Blows Special Effect allows Chronin to immediately repeat Flurry at no additional AP cost. With good die pooling and a little luck, for 1 AP Chronin can deliver several low-Damage Attacks. Supplementing this is Fast Forward, an Instant Action which buffs Chronin through Self/Attack as FX or EFX, with Self/Shift as another EFX option. Finally, Chronin has Time Shield, another Instant Action, providing Self/Defend 1 as both FX and EFX – great for sitting on Objectives or defending an ally with her Tank Power.

Chronin’s sole non-Role Power is Time Control. This allows her to combine any number of Actions within a single Activation, regardless of Action type. For example, she could Move twice to get into Base to Base with a Friendly model or claim an Objective, then use Time Shield three times to boost her defensive die pool. Alternately, she could Move to Attack (gaining from Momentum), use Fast Forward, then Flurry once or twice, and then Move away again. There are plenty of creative ways to use Time Control.

chronin-artHeavy Metal’s Chronin works superbly with M.O.D.; she can Activate first, then M.O.D. Activates through Roger, Wilco in the same Turn. Additionally, M.O.D.’s Utility Bot or Shields can further buff bonuses Chronin gains from her Instant Actions. Alternatively, Lady Cyburn can Attack an Enemy, then use Heaven’s On Fire to Activate Chronin, creating a potential three-Supreme Chain Activation with M.O.D.. C.O.R.E. Charlemagne’s Access Points add an extra defensive die, supplementing Chronin’s resilience. Nuclear Jones’ Atomic Boost can add an extra Attack die for Flurry. Finally, in a The Way Team, White Tiger provides +1 die to all Flurry Actions.


You can read the full story (so far!) of Chronin here (click for link).


If you want to include Chronin in your Team you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Stalker

stalkerThe constant companion for the human embodiment of Ahau Kin, Stalker is the perfect ally for Solar, Dark Solar or Avatar of the Jaguar.

Spirit guide for the human personification of Ahau Kin, Stalker is a strange new fixture across Pulp City’s sprawling metropolis. A courageous warrior killed in battle centuries ago, the creature now known as Stalker was reborn as ally and mentor to Ahau Kin’s earthly avatar. Now the guide wrestles with serving and subtly directing the fractured incarnations of Solar, as well as the undeniable feral impulses he feels in his animal form. Bloody violence inevitably follows in the wake of the representatives of Ahau Kin.

stalker-page-002Stalker’s three Actions tightly define how to best use him. Lunge is his only Attack, based on his good Agility Trump value of 5. Lunge’s base Effect (FX) and Extra Effect (EFX) are Damage 1. Stalker can supplement Lunge to boost his die pool through Prowl. Prowl is a Combinable Action and offers Self/Attack 2 as FX and Self/Power Up 1 as EFX. This allows Stalker to use Prowl, then Move into Base to Base (BtB) for a Momentum die, then follow this with Lunge, which should hopefully generate 4 or 5 dice. Finally, Ahau Kin’s Mark is also Combinable, and is used to deliver Power Up dice to Solar, Dark Solar or Avatar of the Jaguar from up to 12 inches away.

Defensively, Stalker has three key features which help him out. Firstly, he has Stealth, restricting most Attackers to needing to be within 4 inches (adding protection against annoying sniper types!). Second, his Wall Crawling movement type adds a +1 High Ground die bonus when in BtB with Objects or Structures. Lastly, his Elusive Power provides a further die when Defending in close combat (when in BtB) – this stacks with the potential High Ground bonus and allows Stalker some freedom to claim table quarters etc. with added resilience.

Stalker_reduced size for uploadStalker is the ideal enhancement for a Team including either Solar, Dark Solar or Avatar of the Jaguar – able to buff with Power Up dice at distance while sneaking around claiming Objectives. In a Dark Solar all-Nature Team he can buddy up with Bigfoot to create an outflanking force. Stone Hawk can add extra protection for Stalker if holding an Objective or table area by Summoning Stoneshapes, while Xenobi can use Taunting against living models to draw them away from Stalker if he is guarding a precious Objective.


You can read more about Stalker here in the Heroes and Villains section (click for link).


If you want to add Stalker to your Team, you can find him the web-store (click for link).

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Feartigo – Dread Double Agent!

Feartigo_smlHow did a voodoo spirit become a present-day Supreme? Time to find out!


We have added Feartigo’s story to the Hero and Villains section of the site, unveiling the secrets behind why this shadowy Supreme works for both the Coven and the Necroplane!


Time to learn more about the mysterious Feartigo!

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Spotlight on Professor Hammer

Prof HammerThe indomitable Leader of Red RepublikProfessor Hammer rules his Team with rocket-powered iron fists!

Stalwart war hero and brilliant scientist, Professor Maksimilian Mikhailovich Zolotov is the undisputed leader of the Red Republik. The Team’s very existence is merely an extension of the application of his will. Determined to provide his nation with a cadre of Supremes, he succeeded using dark science. A lab accident during his experiments caused him to be transformed into Professor Hammer as he designed his own replacement limbs and cyber-jaw. A Supreme in his own right, Hammer now had the physical capacities to match his intellect and willpower, allowing him to lead the Red Republik from the front.

Professor Hammer-page-002Professor Hammer provides Actions which can take some getting used to. Power Smash is a straightforward close combat Action (enabling Smash It Up), delivering Damage 2 as FX (basic Effect), and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX (Extra Effects). Next is I Volunteer You!, a very interesting Combinable Action! This Action is Strong with Red Republik, inflicting Damage 1 and Shift 4 as FX – you may ask why you would want it, well it offers Shift 2 or Attack 1 among its EFX; against an Enemy choose from Damage 1, Shift or Suppress 1! Finally, Iron Litany is a Pulse which is cheap to use (2 AP) but offers an array of buffs Limited to Red Republik as EFX all offset by Damage 1.

Hammer’s Powers will allay wariness some players may have about Damaging their own models. Rocket Fists adds +1 die to his Strength rolls and allows Power Smash or I Volunteer You! to be used at range for an extra 1 AP. In Russia, Hammer Strikes You allows Power Smash to be used as a Reaction with a further +1 die bonus. Finally, For The Motherland grants a Power Up die all Friendly Red Republik Supremes each time a Friendly Red Republik Supreme is KO’ed – this can be exploited using Hammer’s buffing type Actions, and especially with Red Robots.

fcl_redrepublik-page-001In terms of Leader Cards, Energy Boost is ideal to make Friendly Supremes hit as hard as they can as quickly as possible, stacking with the buffs that Professor Hammer provides. Think about Ultimate Warrior to maximize EFX outputs, especially with Attack and Power Up buffs likely to be in play. The Red Republik Faction Leader Card (Iron Curtain) give a very specific protection: Immunity against Enemy Mind and Spirit Actions for a Round – this can set up a decisive assault against Factions like Necroplane, Blood Watch or Forgotten especially. The Red Republik can move surprisingly fast but can suffer in an attritional battle, so act quickly with them and choose cards to suit that style.

In a Red Republik Team, Red Robots can benefit from I Volunteer You! or Iron Litany, using Repair to Self/ Heal Damage taken while being buffed. S.P.U.T.N.I.K. and Professor Hammer can work together to Shift allies multiple times, moving models 4-8 inches up the board to quickly dominate territory; this offers particular synergy for models who need to Fatigue themselves such as Siberian and Snieschinka. Take Jade Oni through Honorary Member; move Hammer, then use I Volunteer You! at range to buff Jade Oni and effectively advance him 2 inches at the same time.


You can learn more about Professor Hammer and the Red Republik from his story here (click for link).

If you want to start a team featuring Professor Hammer, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Professor Hammer – Cold Warrior!

Professor Hammer_smlWe have a new story in the Heroes and Villains section for you!


Learn about the brutal declaration of intent that Professor Hammer made as he and his Team make their mark in modern day Pulp City.


The Cold War just got hotter.

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Spotlight on Antaean

SGX 1 antaeanContinuing our Spotlights on Supreme Genesis creations, this time we take a closer look at the mighty Antaean, created by Ross Benford.

One tale of ancient Greece is “the giants revolt”. Legend told that the Titans, imprisoned in Tartarus, plotted against Olympus. Their plan was to locate the herb of immortality. Zeus foiled them, found the herb first, and took it to the heavenly planes. However, small traces of the herb remained. Some tales say a warrior stumbled upon the herb ground where the herbs rested, becoming a champion for the gods. Others stories depict a drunkard inadvertently mixing the herb with honey, creating a beverage that accidently bestowed upon him god-like powers. In all accounts, the unknown protagonist used his new-found powers for heroic deeds, naming himself “Antaean” for his superhuman strength.

Antaean-page-002A Level 3 Hero Powerhouse, Antaean is a heavy-duty threat at close quarters, and one of only two Powerhouses with Flight Movement Type. His first Action is Power Takedown, a 2 AP close combat Attack causing Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX), with Extra Effect (EFX) choices of Damage 1 and Grab & Throw. The latter can allow Antaean to immediately use the victim of Power Takedown as a missile for his Throw Action. Throw does Damage 2 as EFX, with Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as EFX. A combo of both Actions allows Antaean to put out a lot of Damage in a single Activation. Antaean’s final Action is Foot Stomp, a Pulse with 3-inch range inflicting Damage 1 and Stun as FX, and Damage 1, Knockback 4 or Power Down 2 as EFX.

Antaean’s first Power is Touch of Immortality which allows him to Fatigue himself in his first Activation each Round to Heal 2 lost HP. Laugh It Off gives Antaean a Power Up die whenever he cancels any EFX as Defender (working well with two of his Trump Traits, Defense and Agility). Finally, Sturdy As A Greek Temple renders Antaean Immune to fall and Crash Damage and stops opposing models benefitting from Size Matters.

AntaeanAntaean works very well with either Dead Eye or Dr. Warlock as Leader as he meets the requirements for their respective Faction cards. In addition, Dr. Warlock can super-charge Antaean with additional Power up dice, typically in Rounds one or two. Take Antaean with Vector to use Pixels for a defensive bonus, increasing his already impressive durability. Using Flight of the Phoenix, Crimson Oni is great to further enhance Antaean’s mobility. Tekkna, Trail and Dead Eye can all usefully supply Power up dice to maximize Antaean’s threat. Finally, use Honorary Member to include Antaean in a Blood Watch Team, and take advantage of Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo’s buffs.


If you want to add Antaean to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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January 2017 Releases

Prof HammerThe January release wave is now all up in the web-store. Each of the new Supremes is launching at a special price which will carry on until the February wave is released.

Web-store link

This month we are releasing:

Red Republik

Professor Hammer 8.00€ launch price

S.P.U.T.N.I.K. 8.00€ launch price

Siberian 8.00€ launch price

Snieschinka 8.00€ launch price

Red Robot 6.50€ launch price

SixFeetUnderNEWAlso this month two new Powerhouse models

Antaean (Supreme Genesis Powerhouse character) 12.00€ launch price

Six Feet Under (new sculpt) 16.00€ launch price


In addition, Red Robots will also launch as a Trooper Pack. The Trooper Pack will be available after the launch offer ends.

Red Robot Trooper Pack 12.00€

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Spotlight on Chernobog

ChernobogAn ancient entity bound to the Red Republik, Chernobog secretly works with the Forgotten, and is represented through a Special Card (available in the web-store) to use with the Perun mini.

Desperate for an edge even his science could not provide, Professor Hammer turned to the mage Baroque to add the ranks of his Supremes. Under Baroque’s guidance a trap was set for Perun, who in turn would act as an anchor to lure dark Chernobog to the Earthly plane. Chernobog responded, but freed his ‘brother’ from the unseemly techno-magical shackles the mortals had utilized. Chernobog agreed to serve alongside Hammer and his followers, all the while listening to the call of another ancient power.

chernobog-page-002Chernobog is a variant Special Card for the Perun model, a powerful Level 2 Brawler with ranged combat options. He offers a fairly standard AP 2 Projectile Action, Umber Bolt, an AP 2 ranged Attack inflicting Damage 1 as base Effect (FX) and Damage 1 or Pull 6 as Extra Effect choices (EFX). Next, Chernobog has Power Smash, an effective close combat Action allowing him to use Objects to add the Smash It Up Combat Bonus. Power Smash delivers Damage 2 as FX and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX. Finally, Umber Vortex is a potentially devastating area effect (a 6-inch Pulse) which Damages and can steal Power Up dice for Chernobog, however it is not selective so can affect Friendly models too.

Chernobog’s Essence of Umber Power inflicts Damage 1 on Living models in Base to Base (BtB) in each Effects Phase; ensure Chernobog moves as late in the Round as possible to maximize threat – Umber Bolt’s Pull EFX is very useful here. His Bonds of Despair Power renders any Living model in BtB Immune to Displacement Effects – useful for anchoring allies (especially any Forgotten), and for sneakily stopping models able to displace themselves such as Androida (Lightning Fast) or Twilight (Vanish). For example, move into base to Base with Twilight to render her Immune to the benefit from her own Reaction!

chernobogChernobog naturally fits Red Republik and the Forgotten. Professor Hammer’s Iron Litany advances Chernobog through Shift and adds buffs. S.P.U.T.N.I.K. can similarly move Chernobog into position faster, allowing you get an early assault on your opponent. Use Mr. Kraken’s Malevolence then subsequently overlap the same area with Umber Bolt – leaving Targets with minimal defensive dice. Outside those Factions, Xenobi’s Taunting offers synergy by moving Enemy Supremes closer to Chernobog. Finally, Sister Bedlam can offset some of the risk to Team-mates of Umber Vortex with her Pain-Link Aura.


You can buy the Perun mini to use as Chernobog here in the web-store as well as the Special Card with all of Chernobog’s rules (click for links).

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Spotlight on Terror Cotta Warriors

terrorcotta1Unrelenting armored agents of the Jade Cult, Terror Cotta Warriors are robotic soldiers in the service the Green Emperor.

Forged from illicit technologies that no government would sanction; the Terror Cotta Warriors are the backbone of the Jade Cult’s army. Each unit is controlled using grafted biological components taken from servants of the Green Emperor who have failed him. In some way they serve anew as effectively mindless drones, programmed to fulfill the will the master of the Jade Cult. Terror Cotta Warriors have now been deployed in growing numbers on the streets of Pulp City as the Green Emperor has turned his gaze upon the distant metropolis.

TCW_tank-page-002At 2 AP, the main Attack Action for Terror Cotta Warriors is Homing Rocket, an Indirect Action with 8-inch range, which doesn’t require Line of Sight. It is Strong/All (adding +1 die to rolls), with basic Effect (FX) of Damage 1, and Extra Effects (EFX) of Damage 1 or Stun. Secondary to this is Power Smash, an excellent Attack dealing Damage 2 as FX, and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX; however, this uses Terra Cotta Warrior’s non-Trump Strength 5. Finally, Terror Stomp is a cheap 1 AP Pulse with 2-inch range, delivering Suppress 1 as FX, and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX; this is useful to soften up a target before a subsequent Attack by Terror Cotta Warrior or an ally.

Level 2 Tanks, Terror Cotta Warriors are often the backbone of a Jade Cult Team. Having Trump Defense of 5 and the Armored Power enabling them to use Defense instead of Agility (but as non-Trump), Terror Cotta Warriors have an in-built resilience, with their biggest weakness being Spirit value of only 1. Thanks to their Trooper Power, an all-Jade Cult Team can recruit up to 3 Terror Cotta Warriors, providing plenty of back-field shooting as well as an incredible and almost unmatchable supply of Tank protection.

terrorcotta_colorsTanuki works very well with a Terror Cotta Warrior, benefiting from Tank protection, while supplying Power Up dice in return. Green Emperor’s Shadow Mastery Leader Card adds significantly to Terror Cotta Warriors’ durability by granting Stealth and Immunity/Projectiles to the Team for a Round. Outside of Jade Cult, Support Supremes with ranged abilities such as Gemini X and Gemini Y or Lady in Red can utilize a Terror Cotta Warriors’ Tank role while the Warrior fires off Homing Rockets. For the Forgotten in general, a Terror Cotta Warrior offers a more durable Tank option if needed (likely through Honorary Member).


If you want to read more about the nightmarish birth of the Terror Cotta Warriors click here.

If you want to add one or more Terror Cotta Warriors to your Team you can find them in the web-store here (click for link).

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