Pulp City Cold War Kickstarter Is Go!!!

HeaderBWe are live with a two-new Faction Kickstarter to produce the Supreme Alliance and Red Republik teams.

We can honestly say they are among the best things we ever did! Please take a look if you like Pulp City and want more:



Pulp City: Cold War Kickstarter

KS vs 5.1


necroplanescourgeWHO WANTS A SALE? This is a final reminder that our ‘Thank you to our fans sale’ ends on September 8th. In the mean-time, feast your eyes on a mix of new and old concepts that the fiendish Melvin de Voor has been working on for Necroplane!
Use this code for the sale – simply enter it into the coupon field:


Store link (click)




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WHO WANTS A SALE? And Dice Re-Stock!

villain diceWHO WANTS A SALE? As we continue to move closer to our next Pulp City project, we wanted to take the opportunity to offer a ‘Thank you to our fans sale’. Using the discount code below will give 10% off on orders placed up until September 8th 2015.


When placing your order, first you must log-in, then in the ‘Use Coupon Code’ section, enter this code:



Link to store


In addition, we have the Pulp City Hero Dice and Villain Dice sets designed by Q Workshop back in stock, so this is a great time to pick them up!


Link to store

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Aquanaut & Universal Soldat


Powers & Skills: Super Strength, Flight, Sonic Attack, Hand to Hand Expert

Aquanaut first appeared on British shores in 1940 after the battles of Narvik, demanding cessation of all human hostilities on the ocean. Diplomacy failed, leading to Supreme conflict as she and Sovereign battled it out on the streets of London. Aquanaut was not seen again until after Pearl Harbor when she agreed to help the American war effort in exchange for help in protecting the oceans.  At war’s end, Aquanaut stayed to help her friends and became a valued member of the Supreme Alliance. With her disappearance all contact with Atlantis was also lost, and is now dismissed by most as a myth.


U. SoldatUniversal Soldat

Powers & Skills: Advanced melee weaponry; energy accelerator; heavy armour

The finest soldier the Professor had ever commanded, Sgt. Mikhail Zolnerowich volunteered to become the Supreme known as Universal Soldat, the superhuman symbol of Soviet military might. As the Cold War began in the aftermath of WW II, Universal Soldat was among the first recruits to the Red Republik. Years of service in combat proved Zolnerowich’s mettle. However his greatest test was hidden from the Soviet citizenry; the experimental batteries powering his mighty armor were slowly killing him. Now displaced in time, Professor Hammer knows it is inevitable his strong right hand will need replacing.

Spybreaker & Professor Hammer

Time to learn a little more about these Supreme Leaders.



Powers & Skills: Master Tactician & Strategist; Peak Human Capability

Col. John Schneider, America’s greatest hero. The man who became Spybreaker volunteered for an experimental process, to combat the emerging threat of enemy Supremes in war-time. The only survivor of the Llusk-Van Der Beek process that saw the sacrifice of dozens of the best and bravest, Spybreaker was a hero of the home front before taking to the front line, valiantly leading the Supreme Alliance and defending the American way against the Axis. It was during the Cold War against the Red Republik that Spybreaker and his team were lost, and a shadow fell across the greatest generation of Supremes.


prof hammerProfessor Hammer

Skills & Powers: Cyber-Enhanced Strength; Exceptional Intelligence; Inspiring Leadership with an iron fist.

The renowned Russian Professor Maksimilian Mikhailovich Zolotov is a veteran of World War II. After a military career distinguished by his trademark win at all costs attitude he turned his mind to science. His work sought to create Supremes through genetic manipulation, and cybernetics. After a lab accident he designed his own replacement limbs and cyber-jaw. His brilliant mind was directly involved in the creation of every member of the Red Republik in one way or another. Under his leadership the Red Republik terrorized the free world for years until their mysterious disappearance.


Dead Eye – Behind The Mask

deadeyeDead Eye

Powers & skills: superhumanly strong cyber-arm; inspiring leader; indomitable will.

Dead Eye is the unofficial Leader and focal point of Pulp City’s Supreme vigilantes, those mostly working outside Heavy Metal, Blood Watch and even the Way. He has been on the Supreme front line since he first reappeared in public view, trying to atone for his personal fall from grace. A great tactician, Dead Eye is an unwavering defender of Pulp City  equally adept at inspiring others as well as bringing the smack-down to any who threaten his home town!


quarterbackkolor kopiaDead Eye combines personal courage, cyber enhanced strength, and a tactical acumen that impresses even C.O.R.E. If you like the kind of Leader who is always at the forefront of conflict then Dead Eye might be for you.

Dead Eye has high strength and an outstanding melee Action: Power Smash. This allows him to use the Smash It Up bonus and hit people with cars etc. for an extra die. He also has a ranged Ray Action, allowing him to hit multiple models at once. Finally, Walk It Off allows him to remove Stun and Suppress from friendly models, a useful counter-measure especially against Necroplane and Coven who use Suppress often.

Perhaps his biggest strength is his Tactics Power, allowing another friendly model to Activate directly after Dead Eye’s first Activation every round – an incredibly potent tool for setting up combos. His Faction Leader Card gives bonuses to any friendly model attacking models of higher Level, excellent when fielding a number of Level 1 Supremes, or to help counter an enemy Powerhouse.

Dead Eye works great with the Hero Starter set, as they are all effectively Indy Hero’s and represents a smart way to quickly bring your team up to Level 9. Add in Dead Eye’s favorite Minions the Vigilantes for more board control (they benefit from extra dice against Enemies when in Dead Eye’s Team), and really kick things off.

Vigilantes All


Dead Eye can be found in the web-store here: Dead Eye (link) – his game card can be viewed in-store

Vigilantes can be found in the web-store here: Vigilantes (link) – their game card can be viewed in-store

100 Voices – Behind The Mask

100voices100 Voices
Powers and Skills: Mind Control, Madness, Teleportation.

A being of madness made flesh. This recent arrival to the ranks of Pulp City’s Supremes was once a crooked lawyer named Eric Hanson, a man with a bloodthirsty streak he kept hidden until Dead Eye brought him to justice. Now, he has begun to consolidate a power base around the ruins of Ashville Asylum. 100 Voices spreads madness and chaos in his wake and seems to control the minds of those around him. His ultimate goals are not yet clear.


100 voices no head shotWhy should you be using 100 Voices in your Team?

Madness, chaos, and the ability to do the unpredictable are the main advantages of 100 Voices. He has access to Mind Control as well as a powerful and versatile de-buff Action; His Mind Control Action (Whispers) has synergy with Voicelings being in Base to Base with the target, allowing 100 Voices to roll an extra die. His final Exclusive Action allows friends and enemy’s alike to perform free attacks against models in Base to Base. This ability is wildly fun, and often unpredictable. 100 Voices is a powerful psychic and works well against Nature teams and especially models with low Spirit Trait as they may be forced to use their Spirit value in place of their normal Trait when Attacking.

Adding 100 Voices to your Villain Starter instantly creates a powerful Level 9 team of Indy Villains. This gives you access to 3 Leader Cards and 100 Voices own powerful Faction Card: Whispered Screams. Add Voicelings for a level 10 Team with in-built synergy with 100 Voices.


Voicelings_together100 Voices can be found in the web-store here: 100 Voices (link) – his game card can be viewed in-store

Voicelings can be found in the web-store here: Voicelings (link) – the Voicelings game card can be viewed in-store

Anansi Swings By

anansiUploaded to the Heroes and Villains section of the site is the tale of how Anansi came to join the ranks of Pulp City’s Villains. Be sure to check out how this mysterious woman came to find her powers, and also remember that we will continue to update the Heroes and Villains section over the coming months.


The cunning and dangerous Anansi can be found in the web-store on her own and as part of the Villain Starter Set with Nuke and Aurelius.


In other news, we are currently play-testing a number of new Supremes which will be revealed in a few months time, and establishing our first Faction Packs as we look to make retail-friendly box sets of minis for our return to regular distribution.  These boxes will complement the Starter sets and will have additions over the coming months.

New Web-store

storeAfter a lot of wrangling, the new web-store is now up and running as we want it! We posted the link recently via social media, but wanted to work out a couple of issues before we linked from the web-site page here. Rest assured, the link is now live!

youngblood-page-001Building on the success of the Supreme Edition Kickstarter, we decided we needed to return to wider distribution and establish a better web-store. We have now done the latter, and the new store has a better graphical design, we think is more user-friendly, and supports fans by having better information for customers including stat card images so you can make an informed choice about purchases.

The web-store will also offer a reward points scheme for returning customers, which we plan to include some very special items as we move forward. In addition, we will be ensuring regular monthly releases starting in the next couple of months.

In the mean time, the nefarious 100 Voices, his assistants the Voicelings and the alien bounty hunter Slug Muldoon have all been added as the first new releases.

In the coming months expect new releases for the Forgotten, Coven, Heavy Metal and Blood Watch and many others, so please keep checking back regularly!