Heroes & Villains-ForgottenThe ancient gorgon known as Stygian is seeking to rebuild the world in her image. Her rage is directed not only at the ancient beings outside of the Forgotten who have returned to the Earthly plane but also at mortal men. Intelligence gathered by several Supreme Teams indicates she is attempting to secure a power source that will allow her to in some fundamental way re-shape the world to her design.
Corollary to this main goal, Stygian is seeking to expand her strength and is looking to find and awaken as many of the lost beings of ancient times as possible. This is creating chaos and panic at best, and swelling her ranks with new terrors at the worst.
Stygian places the Forgotten above all others and herself above all the Forgotten. Alliances with Earth’s Supreme criminals are fraught with risk for those she approaches, but the danger of refusing her demands is even greater. Now she is engaged in a race against time with the Necroplane, the Coven and even upstarts like Mysterious Man to get what she desires most of all.