Heavy Metal

Heroes & Villains-HMWhen the military intelligence program gained his sentience and became C.O.R.E. he broke with the government. He knew that the threats facing the world would be better fought using a small team of Supremes than the vast and unwieldy might of the military. He dedicated himself to the protection and betterment of all mankind. He recruited his team carefully looking for the right mix of motivation, ability, and capacity for self-sacrifice. Heavy Metal are the ones willing to put themselves in the line of fire for their fellow man against aliens, monsters, magic, and anything else that comes along.

The recent return of the Supreme Alliance through the Time Gate has been a big disappointment for Heavy Metal. They were hoping to find stalwart new allies. Instead the Supreme Alliance has returned to Washington for debriefing and reassignment. C.O.R.E. believes that they will return in due time. Other more cynical voices think they will remain the lapdog of the Government and may fall into corruption. In the meantime Heavy Metal soldiers on, fighting the good fight.