Avatar Of The Jaguar (Villain)

Code-name: Avatar of the Jaguar

Full Name: Johann Sonnenbrandt

Faction: none

In the early hours after a glorious victory over the Dark Round Table, Johann Sonnenbrandt woke up in a dark, grimy alley behind the Metro Cinema. Just hours earlier camera flashes had click-clacked when he dragged Sir Lancelot’s still-unconscious body to Pulp City’s Supreme-criminal detention facility. Now, he was bare-naked, standing in a squalid alley in darkness, and covered in blood from head to toe. The only item that connected his sorry self with the epic feats of the day before was the Ahau-Kin Tiara.

The diadem felt different, more constraining. It was almost restless on his brow, as if trying to wriggle itself free. He took the fine crown from his head and the jewel seemed to sigh. The ember glow of the sun fire was gone, replaced by mottled shapes which swirled in the milky gem. It faded as the clouds above the alley lit up with the pink glow of the coming dawn.

The heroic events of the days to come soon washed away the memory of coming to in that alleyway covered in blood, repelling the dark remembrance. He was the new celebrity Supreme, however the manner and cause of his new-found fame was not something Johann was used to. It was not his money this time, but his actions that spoke loudly and drew attention.

A month on from that unexplained night, and Johann once again found himself waking from an overwhelming darkness in an unfamiliar place. He was perched on the giant gorilla statue in what was once Pulp City Zoo, now a park abandoned by the city and overgrown with lush and deadly vegetation. Hundreds of glowing feline eyes pierced through the cover of trees and bushes, their gaze locked on Johann.

He looked down to see a corpse lying at his feet; the body was mangled beyond recognition. The victim’s chest was ripped asunder, with ribs forming the shape of a morbid eagle. All of the internal organs were missing – that was the last thing Johann noticed before his stomach gave up.

The felines surrounding him from the screen of vegetation began their song and with that left the shadows to feast on the starlit body of Johann’s prey. Johann had to face the dawning truth – when night feel, there were times that Solar was absent from the city skies, something else prowled the city, leaving a bloody trail. Guilt and anxiety of the unknown was a rising tide within him at this realization.

He carried those wretched feelings with him constantly until one night weeks later, when he found himself in the alley where it all began. His eyes now saw much more in the darkness than they normally would have done. He looked at the dirty brick wall only to see writing in still warm blood: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Johann screamed in frustration, but the sound that came out of his mouth was more like the howl of a wounded predator.

“Show yourself,” he demanded of the night, and the shadows parted to reveal a woman.

Johann’s unnatural ability to pierce the darkness and see heat patterns fell short – the female shape was as cold as a tombstone.

“You asked for me?” she hissed.

“Who are you?” Johann could barely articulate the words as a shiver ran through his body and blood started pumping at quadruple speed.

“I am the mother. The mother of all things that prey in the darkness. Your mother, when your father has abandoned you.”

The mysterious woman must have smiled then, as a pearly pointed grin appeared in the darkness along with two sickly yellow reptile eyes.

“I don’t need therapy, mother, now be so good and die fast and bloodily’; the thought crossed Johann’s mind before it was drowned in blood lust He covered the twenty feet that divided them in one-giant leap and sank his feline claws and fangs into her body.

He kind of liked it.

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