Boreas (Villain)

Code-name: Boreas

Full Name: Boreas

Faction: The Forgotten

The volunteer team was ready to face metaphorical demons that day, but none of them bargained for the demon they found.

The flowing lava on Etna’s slopes turned the night into the fourth of July. The blackened mountain spewed fire that drowned the vineyards and villages.

As soon as the chopper landed, people in orange vests jumped out and started setting up a field hospital and distributing sleeping bags and blankets for all those who lost their homes. Most of the volunteers were unaware that two Americans who wandered off in the darkness right after landing had very little to do with the charity that had organized the relief operation. The only charity that The Coven carried out since the day of its founding was offering a quick and painless death to all who opposed it.

The pair climbed the slopes. At some point they had to stop and strap on breathing apparatus as the fumes became increasingly toxic. Their ESP trackers went crazy when they finally reached the summit. Suddenly, the screens flickered and died.

“John, what was that all about?” asked Martin, a second before he looked into the red eyes of his comrade and his own body was sent tumbling into the boiling crater.


The chopper landed on the deck of a ship harbored in a Sicilian port. The pilot informed everybody on board that the rest of the team had decided to stay a couple of weeks more. Two weeks later, when the ship ran aground on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, no survivors were found.


Fast forward. Moonchild wakes from her feral dream as she smells an intruder in Twilight Hills. She pokes a razor-sharp nail into the muscled side of Six Feet Under to wake him up. A second later, a man in a black suit shows up on the rocky road. Come on – Twilight Hills? Late at night? Strange man in a suit? You don’t have to be able to smell a trap to know there is something wrong.

The man takes his time to climb the path, and the wind picks up. When the suited man is finally at the summit, facing the two Blood Watch sentinels, he does not seem to be spooked by the presence of a she-coyote nor the hulking man. There is something weird about his eyes and Moonchild bares her teeth and leaps at him, only to be caught in midair by an invisible whipping force that hurls her back into the onrushing Six Feet Under.

The wind turns into a hurricane and both heroes fly high on this lethal carousel ride. The air crackles but they clearly hear how the stranger hisses: Greetings from Stygian, you are all dead, humans. There might have been some more of this dreadful poetry coming, but patience is not Six Feet Under’s strongest suit, so he swims down through the spiraling wind and hurls his shovel, breaking the neck of the visitor.

The wind howls and Moonchild could swear she saw a demon face with fangs dripping of blood in the tornado juts a second before all goes quiet and all that is left is the body of the stranger.


A week passes, and all of the heroes in Pulp City know about this new threat – the just-awakened Forgotten that joins the ranks of Stygian’s followers. Blacksmith claims that the evil demon is Boreas, once good but now a harsh godling of the wind who was apparently captured by a Greek pirate king, Aeseus, who kept him in slavery and mistreated Boreas for years.

Aeseus would draw on the godling’s power to rule the seas. In return, he would feed the chained Boreas with the blood of his fallen enemies.  With the passing years, controlling the force of the wind became more and more testing and since the seventy-year old pirate king did not want to pass on his secret to anyone else, he cast the golden cage that restrained Boreas into the fiery bowels of Etna.

When Stygian learnt about the fate of Boreas, she knew that if provided with a human host, the demon of the winds would slowly regain his powers. Instead of sending her underling Hellsmith to do the job and potentially alert other Supremes, she passed the information to one of her cultists that she suspected to be The Coven’s snitch. Once again, her machinations deceived all others.

Boreas is new to Pulp City and his bloodlust and hatred of people high as never before. Fortunately for humanity, he is still weak at this time and cannot support a material body for a long time before having to find a new host. V.H. and other heroes are desperately seeking to permanently banish the demon while he is still vulnerable, and before his true power rises again.

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