Necro GI’s (Minions)

Necro GI togetherFaction: Necroplane


File # Nec/5678 (briefing)

The salvaged being identified as a ‘Necro G.I.’ is one of the rank-and-file troopers terminated during the last Necroplane assault on the Twilight Hills (02.06.1987). It is a biped with an unusually high percentage of muscle mass. DNA analysis proves that most of the creature’s bodily tissue and organs ceased chemical and biological processes approximately 36 months ago and since then has been stimulated by electro-charges on the cellular level. It is unknown whether the physiological structure of the Necro G.I.’s has been further modified from its base form other than the addition of the electro-charge stimulator.

NecroGI-page-001The recovered Necro G.I. sample resembles homo sapiens on many levels though its brain is much smaller, as most of its cranium is filled with extra layers of bone and shock absorbent fluid. It has longer-than human proportion upper limb appendages and a slightly bent-forward spine, which allows these creatures to launch surprisingly fast attacks, despite the inherent limitations of apparently necrotic bodily tissues.

Each of these creatures carries a small battery-reserve of energy of unknown source, although there is speculation made by the Supreme named Six Feet Under that this is a ‘mystical’ energy type, which is scientifically not proven in any way and as-yet undetectable; he claims they are powered by life energy gathered by the Necroplane harvest ships from living beings. Apparently this energy is distributed evenly to all body parts and is responsible for stimulating through conversion to electro-charges any Necro G.I. activity and their remaining bodily processes.


NecroGI-page-002Threat Assessment
Weaknesses: Necro G.I.’s possess low level of battlefield independence. It is therefore recommended to eliminate their leaders to easily overcome even huge groups of these alien invaders. Only the destruction of the energy backpacks or removal of their grafted weapons and armor can assure that individual Necro G.I.s are eliminated from the battlefield permanently.

Threats: Necro G.I.’s are relatively well armored, and their battle-gear is equivalent in capability to that used by elite Earth troops. The unusual alloy and fiber used to manufacture the plates and weaponry points to the only one location on Earth; if forged on Earth then it is strongly believed that these items must had been manufactured by RedCo, one of Royal Investments auxiliaries. (NOTE: intelligence services are to investigate that thread further). There is no way to “disarm” a Necro G.I. as their weaponry and armor are grafted into their flesh and any attempt to remove them may instantly terminate the being.

necro-gunThough at this point there is no proof, the Necro G.I.s biological weapons have been reported as being able to simulate “the resurrection sequence” on fallen Earth’s defenders. Please report back if this is found to be true.

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