Tritonious (Hero/Villain)

Full Name: Tritonious/Jonathan
Allegiance: Allied with Virgo

“When the stars and planets align themselves to form a giant glowing trident in the sky, peel your eyes for a silver shape that descends from orbit.

Once every twenty five years, the gods from above come to visit their progeny left on Earth.”


Before you turn your VHS machine off, let me inform you that this is the opening sequence of the newest June Summers’ documentary, titled Exodus from Atlantis. A wild subject to be sure, but June has a long-standing story of top quality TV productions based on well-documented facts. So why did this report never make it to the airwaves? Why is it that a highly sought after and much worn-out tape cannot be bought anywhere but the black market?

The truth is too much to take for most who hear this outlandish story. In case you never get to find a copy of the tape, here is the shocker in a nutshell: June investigates a small coastal town in New England called Solace, but only after she finds out that a prominent Pulp City businessman, Jeremiah Johnson, owns ninety per cent of the real estate there, including an off-shore forested island. She finds out that he is an orphan who ran away from pretty much every East Coast children’s institution before turning ten years old. Then he disappears for a decade, and literally goes off the radar.

He later legally changes his name to from Weiss to Johnson. Now, if you had to take an educated guess, what is the predominant name in the town of Solace? There is not a SINGLE person named anything other than Weiss.

June gets there, to that small, out of the way town, and deals with all that crazy stuff. I mean, it’s stricter than an Amish community. They run out of camera batteries in two days and when one of her crew goes to Salem to charge them up, a weird-weird storm starts and the rest of the crew is trapped there for a week. The rest of the footage they get is captured with an 8mm camera.

On the third night of the storm, the clouds start glowing from above and then part to reveal a bizarre star constellation that looks like a trident. You can’t really see it on the footage that well, but the ocean literally parts as a procession of townsfolk marches into the dark blue depths. A giant glowing object breaks off from the trident and descends, hovering over the exact spot where the citizens of Solace disappeared. It casts this eerie jade light over the scene, while shapes of ancient buildings and colonnades rise from the waves. The whole crowd is there, and the mayor of the town, Obadiah Weiss, raises a shining artifact to the sky, and you can see how the mysterious object cracks open like a silver flower, revealing an almost human baby. The hovering vessel’s lights explode in a white flash, and all recording devices go blank for a few moments, and human eyes take a minute or two to come to their senses. The storm rages on, but the ocean looks very cold and lifeless. At this point, most of the crew panics and they had back to Salem.


Fast forward three years, and June gets a phone call from a young man who introduces himself as Jonathan.

He asks June if she ever wants to complete her documentary.  Jonathon says he has a lot of interesting information that he is willing to exchange in return for getting him in touch with some of June’s Supreme friends. June meets Jonathan at the docks; it’s late and stormy, and wary, she brings Trail as back-up. When a hulking figure in a trench coat approaches her, the air gets cold and it smells funny, like burnt ozone. Trail appears from the shadows, waves his hand and as his gem-eyed mask lights up, June clearly sees three skulking shapes as they let loose a volley of crossbow bolts. Jonathan spins on his heel and roars as a thick water curtain stops the projectiles. June feels the gravity shift as a tidal wave crushes the attackers and their unconscious bodies slowly drift to her feet.

“Sagittari,” says Jonathan “the elite silent killers”. His face is as inhuman as everything that has happened here so far. His greenish skin is wet and fins encircle his square jaw. “My name is Jonathan Weiss, but everybody calls me Tritonious, son of Neptune VII, the undersea ruler of this planet. I’ll guide you to Atlantis, but just help me find my baby-sister. I know she is in Pulp City”.

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