Xenobi (Villain)

Code-name: Xenobi

Full Name: Xenobi

Faction: none

08:42 Zulu Time
The little mutant with the turquoise skin tugged gently at the hem of his master’s coat. Xenobi wanted his boss’ attention, but even himself as one of his master’s greatest creations, he knew well enough not to raise his master’s ire in doing so. He had seen fully what the Mysterious Man was capable of.

“Master, master, they are here. Supremes have come again,” said the freakish Xenobi. A malevolent grin played across his strange, vaguely fish-like features, revealing vicious teeth. He might now have time for sport if Kodo Island’s indigenous fauna and flora did not take care of this problem first.

Absentmindedly the Mysterious Man brushed away the insistent attentions of the peculiar little mutant. The Mysterious Man’s focus was elsewhere, on his latest grand creation – a gigantic monster designed to sow terror as an extension of his indomitable will to power. Whatever distractions the diminutive Xenobi had noticed could be taken care of by others, Xenobi included. He resolved that that would be sufficient.

“Xenobi – whom do we have as a guest today? Nuke? Take him and whatever creatures you want from the Cloning Vats, and deal with the problem.” He commanded, before belatedly adding “I am occupied.”

Xenobi dutifully trotted off and went to his own little armory to pick up his big ‘boom-gun’, muttering to himself in a sing-song manner as he went: “I’m gonna hurt the heroes, I’m gonna hurt the heroes!”

It was proving to be just another day in the strange life of the strange pint-sized mutant.

Xenobi’s journey took him to one of his favorite places – the Cloning Vats. In the vast silo there were all manner of misshapen creatures housed in glass and metal tanks, fashioned by one man’s will and scientific genius. Organisms with form and function that had nothing to do with nature waited to be used in the latest scheme of their creator. Occasionally the Mysterious Man would allow Xenobi to play with them or use them on his own recognizance, and Xenobi enjoyed that so very much.

Xenobi walked up and down aisle upon aisle of tanks, examining the contents of each carefully, his tongue poking out between his lips as he concentrated. Decision eventually made, he kicked the side of one tank to wake its occupants – strange things with myriad tentacles adorned with sharp hooks in place of arms or legs, and bulbous bodies that contained all other sensory and vital organs.
One of the tentacled- things – Mysterious Man called them Ravenopods – roused to grasp a hunk of raw, bloodied meat lying at the bottom of the tank, lifting it up within the hidden folds of its tentacles for noisy consumption.

Xenobi tapped on a keypad which in turn opened the tank, and as the hatch hissed aside the tentacled things stepped onto the deck plate of the silo. Rasping breaths were taken by the things as Xenobi barked his orders to them.
Xenobi liked to give orders. He barked an extra order just because he could.


10:01 Zulu
Satisfied with his selection of mutate muscle, Xenobi headed for the guest living quarters to find Nuke. The little mutant had to be careful. He enjoyed being in charge, but Nuke was powerful – he could probably incinerate Xenobi with little effort; even if Xenobi’s small brain did not understand the word incinerate, he understood the concept having seen Nuke in action.

Xenobi arrived and explained the situation briefly to Nuke – instructions were always necessarily brief with the atomic horror. He reported to Nuke that there were uninvited Supremes on Kodo Island and they were to take care of the problem. The radioactive Supreme seemed disinterested, barely acknowledging Xenobi’s explanation, yet finally offered agreement with a barely perceptible nod of its fiery head. Xenobi saved his favorite part to last as he carefully explained that he, Xenobi, was in charge, and that Nuke should do as he says. With no response from the radioactive horror, Xenobi added the caveat of ‘if that was okay with him’.


12:16 Zulu
The operation did not go quite as planned, essentially because Xenobi did not have a plan. Nonetheless he simply ordered Nuke and the Ravenopods to attack when they came upon the two interlopers.

They found the invaders to the island at the edge of the verdant jungle. Xenobi poked his tongue in concentration, thought for a moment and guessed that they came ashore from the sea in which the island drifted. Xenobi recognized these transgressors – Virgo and Tritonious – and knew they were occasional allies of his master. In his dim-witted brain he knew also then that they should be allowed to live lest he himself face the master’s terrible fury.

Xenobi’s orders to attack give, Nuke stomped and clanked in his radiation regulating suit towards the trespassers, as Xenobi hung back, commanding the Ravenopods to grasp hold of the intruders. All the while he threw insults at the invaders, questioning their prowess and the legitimacy of their parentage along the way. That last insult seemed to make the big one – Tritonious – particularly angry, who then proceeded to try and get close enough to squish little Xenobi. The battle that followed was fierce and brutal, the Ravenopods’ pitiful lives ended in its course. Yet thankfully for little Xenobi, Nuke was eventually able drive away Tritonious and his female companion, the alien woman known as Virgo, as Xenobi skulked as far back as possible firing his ‘boom-gun’ and triggering his own random mutations.

The battle was done when the intruders finally fled the island.


13:03 Zulu
The invading pair of Supremes was not killed that day as Xenobi knew somewhere in his small brain that Mysterious Man had dealings with them occasionally and might need or want them yet alive, but victory was his, even with a little help from Nuke. But Nuke was not in charge, Xenobi was, and that was all that mattered. The wretched and peculiar little mutant danced a victory dance even as the last Ravenopod expired from its injuries as nearby the nuclear powerhouse looked on, saying nothing. After his jig had ended, Xenobi wondered what the remainder of this day would bring.

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