Heroes & Villains-NecroplaneThe Necroplane is both a place and an empire, one that has raided across the multiverse since the rise of Tenebrous.
Since the fall of Asurbanipal, the master of the Necroplane has been Dr. Tenebrous. He has defied the plotting of lesser Lords to maintain his position as he seeks what the ancient texts call the Dark Source, and at last he believes he has found the world on which it is hidden, and the city within which he will find it.


With the realization that Pulp City could be hiding the key to his longer term goals, Dr. Tenebrous has turned his attentions there.


However, the incredible growth of Supremes has meant he has had to respond by creating more Supremes of his own as part of the Team sometimes know as the Scourge. Dr. Tenebrous continues to experiment using fallen Supremes from worlds that have already been extinguished by the Necroplane. Such scorched earth tactics cannot be used on this world until he has the prize he is after.


Whether the slain whose bodies were never recovered such as bolt and Crimson Girl will be twisted to Tenebrous’ hideous ends is yet to be revealed.