Spotlight on Tekkna


The last of a lost bloodline of techno-sorcerers, Tekkna is one of the more recent Supreme arrivals in Pulp City, added as part of the new Hero Starter Set.

Erika Mitros has journeyed to Pulp City from her native Greece in search of leads on those responsible for ordering her mentor’s murder. A novice but powerful hero, she is still coming to terms with her destiny and inner might. A descendant of the great Daedalus himself, her power to control Mekkana is unmatched by any living being. Her only true rival is Hellsmith, whose forge has created countless monsters using the arts of Mekkana. Tekkna now seeks allies to rid the world of Hellsmith and his Forgotten allies.

Tekkna-page-002Tekkna is a Level 2 Support, specializing in combating Mechanical Supremes. Don’t let that stop you from taking her in your Team though, as she brings some exceptional abilities and support buffs. Her go-to Action is Shields of Daedalus, a 6 inch radius Aura offering Defend 1 as basic Effect (FX) and Extra Effect (EFX) to Friendly models. Next is Secret Verse of Mekkana, a cheap AP 1 Combinable Indirect Action. This grants the Targeted model Power Up 1 as Effect (FX), with EFX of Power Up 1 or Self/Power Up 1. Finally, her only Combat Action is Curse of Hephaestus, an Indirect attack with 6 inch range that is Strong against Mechanical Models, which causes Damage 1 and Stun as FX, and Damage 1 as EFX.

Tekkna’s Techno-Sorcery Power grants her a free Power Up die during her first Activation each Round. Her Cult of Mekkana Power gives her +1 die when Defending against Enemy Mechanical models. With these, and without the need for line of sight for her Actions, coupled with Tekkna’s Blink movement type, feel free to keep Tekkna away from direct fighting. Use her free Power Up dice to bolster her Action Rolls, almost ensuring you succeed with Shields of Daedalus or Secret Verse of Mekkana. Blink can also help her to score Agenda Points and stay close enough to her allies to maximize her Support Role Power.

tekknaTekkna is an easy to use Support who brings a lot of utility through her Actions. Dead Eye is a natural Leader to pair her with, as you can use his Chain Activation to Attack or use Walk It Off (removing Stun from a vulnerable ally) then set up Tekkna’s Aura in the same Turn. Include Tekkna in a Blood Watch Team with V.H. using Honorary Member; Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo’s Defend buffs complement Tekkna’s Aura really well. Finally, Stone Hawk is a good Tank choice as his Redemption Power can pull him to Tekkna, while stacking her Defend Aura dice onto his own defensive pool.


To read more about Tekkna’s journey to Pulp City, follow this link (click for link).


If you want to add Tekkna to your Team, then you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Solar

solarSolar was one of the first Supremes to appear for the Pulp City game, and a just over a couple of years ago had a makeover into the fantastic new model we have today!

Blessed or cursed by Ahau Kin depending on when he is asked, Johann Sonnenbrandt is one of Pulp City’s most prominent Supremes. While he struggles with the complex nature of being the living avatar of an ancient god, it is a sacrifice he makes willingly to honor the memory of the woman he loved. His most iconic form is that of Solar, embodying the good of the ancient sun god Ahau Kin, when Johann is briefly able to enjoy his Supreme power, serving the people of Pulp City as one of its most iconic champions of justice and right.

solar-page-002As a Level 2 Blaster, Solar has a lot going for him: Flight 5, decent Attack Traits, good defenses, and a wicked right hook. His main Action is his Sun Ray, a Ray (naturally!) with 6 inch range, dealing Damage 1 as its base Effect (FX), and Damage 1 again as Extra Effect (EFX). When up close and personal, his Flaming Fists Deal Damage 2 as FX in close combat, with Damage 1 or Extra Target 1 as EFX. This is excellent to use when you can benefit from Momentum or Mobbing, or if you want to clear out a couple of tougher Minions in one punch. Finally, his ultimate display of might is Sun Strikes, an Indirect attack with 10 inch range. This inflicts Damage 1 as FX and EFX, and if it hits the primary Target, the Action can immediately attack two additional models within 10 inches of Solar with the same FX and EFX.

Solar shares the Avatar of Ahau Kin Power, meaning you can’t take Avatar of Jaguar or Dark Solar in the same Team. His Touch of the Sun Power grants other Nature Supremes within 4 inches of Solar +1 die to all Action Rolls, useful for both attack and defense and lending itself to including Solar in a Team with other Nature Supremes.

solar lower resStalker is an obvious companion for Solar as he has an Action that only adds Power Up to those with Avatar of Ahau Kin. Naturally you’ll want Nature Supremes to benefit from Touch of the Sun; obvious choices include Father Oak or Acorn. Perun is another excellent option as the two Blasters also make formidable alternatives to Brawlers in a pinch, leaving more room on your Team selection for other Roles. Guerilla and Primate of Nature are great partners if you make Solar an A.R.C. Honorary Member, as both offer synergies with and from Solar (Rebel Yell for Guerilla; Chosen of the Ape Spirit for the Primate of Nature).


If you want to read more about Solar’s story, click here for the link.


If Solar has the sun-powered muscle your Team needs, then you can find him in the web-store (click for link).

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Spotlight on Aurelius

aureliusThis week’s Spotlight focuses on Aurelius, one of the more recent additions to Pulp City’s line-up of nefarious Villains!

Eric Goulding was ruthless business man who let nothing stand in his way, even death. His return to the mortal realm gifted him with vast alchemical knowledge and an inhumanly resilient body of pure gold. Aurelius is using his new powers to amass greater wealth and power for his own purposes. He is willing to work for anyone or do anything to secure his empire. For now he forges alliances with other Supremes to serve his own ends, but only Aurelius knows what his ultimate end-game is.

aurelius-page-002A solid and dependable Level 2 Tank, Aurelius is a great addition to any Villain team. His primary Action Molten Gold is a melee attack dealing Damage 2 as  and Fatigue as basic Effects (FX), and Damage 1 as its Extra Effect (EFX). Golden Boy is a Combinable Action and often the go-to ability for Aurelius. It grants him Defend 1 and Immunity/Displacement as FX, with Defend or Power Up as EFX. Finally, Pool of Gold targets an Enemy model to center a 3 inch radius zone of Dangerous Ground. This is tricky to use as you must target an Enemy and succeed in the Action Roll. Because the Target can choose to be pushed out of the area, this Action can be used to lock down large areas of the table or move low-HP models out of key positions.

Aurelius’ Powers are simple but effective. Transmute allows Aurelius to choose to either be Living or Mechanical or both when targeted by an Action; with this he can grant allies bonus dice or deny dice to his opponents depending on circumstance. Alchemist gives Aurelius a pool of 3 Power Up Dice to charge him up at the start of a game. While tough and potentially rolling a lot of dice, Aurelius has low Agility and Spirit Traits so it’s not always an easy choice when to use his Tank Power. Make sure you are boosting his defenses early and often with Golden Boy.

pcm-2011-alch-7-flt2wwwAs a Tank Aurelius works best when paired with a Support model: Sister Bedlam can Heal him; Vector can boost his defense and use Pixels as Tanks to the Tank; Riposte can increase his Attack dice; Tanuki can add more Power Up dice. Naturally 100 Voices or Mysterious Man can make great use of him to protect weaker or more vulnerable models, but he can also fill a valuable role with Forgotten under Stygian adding a tougher Tank option to their lineup. In addition, Aurelius and Lady in Red work well together as she can funnel his Power Up dice elsewhere if needed.


You can read more about Aurelius’ fall and rise to Supreme power here (click link for story).


If you want to add Aurelius to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Gentleman


This Friday Spotlight features one of the first Supremes released in the Pulp City range – the quintessential hit-man known as the Gentleman!

Pulp City’s most infamous gun for hire. Consummate professional. Sharp-dressed Supreme. Danny Ortega is all of these and more. A product of Newport, Danny fought his way out of the ghetto to become a man respected for his consummate skills and professionalism, but he remains attached to his old neighborhood, and more than once has risked own life on the line to protect Newport from hostile invaders. To all who know of him he is simply the Gentleman.

gentleman-page-002A Level 1 Blaster, Gentleman is a very dangerous Supreme. With his Sniper Rifle Action, he has one of the longest range attacks in the game. With a 12 inch range, he can stand off from opponents, knowing that they will need two or three moves to contact him at full distance, making him ideal to cover his Team from a backline position. The Action is costly (AP 3), but effective due to the typical die pool he can benefit from (4 dice as standard), which can be improved if you can deploy him high up with good lines of sight. The base Effect (FX) of Sniper Rifle is Damage 2, with Damage 1 or Stun as Extra Effects (EFX). If Gentleman risks being swarmed, such as by Minions (Ninjas are a very real threat), then Gun Run comes into play as a simple Overrun, or Snapshot as an AP 1 Projectile doing a maximum of Damage 1 (Snapshot has no EFX).

Although only a Level 1 Supreme, and therefore having limited HP, Gentleman’s only Power functions as something of a get out of jail free card, adding to his protection from Stealth. Using Flash Grenade, the first time he is KO’ed in an Encounter, the Action is resolved then Gentleman is anywhere within 4 inches of his position with 1 HP remaining. Flash Grenade works regardless of the amount of Damage generated. Beware though that an opponent who generates Displacement Effects could apply the Displacement first, then Damage.

gentlemantorsoGentleman offers something special for almost any Team, so Honorary Member is a great option. Working with 100 Voices, Voices can Suppress an Enemy (Tanks especially) benefiting from a good defensive die pool, allowing Gentleman a powerful Sniper Rifle shot. Tangent and Gentleman in tandem offer great battlefield control and combined long-range threat, enabling systematic targeting of approaching Supremes. Xenobi’s Taunting or Xyllian’s Lure can be used to Pull or Shift flanking models closer to Gentleman. Avatar of the Jaguar can use Dread Totem to ‘anchor’ a model within an area, allowing Gentleman to focus fire across multiple Rounds.


You can find Gentleman’s story here (click for link).


If you think Gentleman has the firepower your Team needs, then you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Dr. Warlock

sg1_drwarlockFor the first time in our Spotlight series we take a look a Supreme Genesis creation, Dr. Warlock, the product of Drew Wood’s fertile imagination!

A British scholar and world-renowned psychologist and parapsychologist, Dr. Alexander Warlock was on a lecture tour of the USA. Arriving for the final leg in Pulp City, he received a strange package. There were no postal markings and the deliveryman was gone as quickly as he arrived. Inside the package was an ancient gleaming amulet. Donning the amulet, Alexander was filled with the unleashed power of the Warlock mantle. The new Dr. Warlock had been Chosen.

warlock-p2Dr. Warlock is Level 3 Hero Leader, offering offensive, defensive and supportive abilities. His sole Attack Action is Amulet of Thoth. At AP 2, a relatively cheap Ray with 6 inch range, for which Dr. Warlock will typically roll a hefty 4 dice. The Action has a basic Effect (FX) of Damage 1, with Extra Effect (EFX) choices of Damage 1, Stun, Fatigue or Power Down 1. Next is British Wit, an Aura offering Defend 1 within 5 inches (FX), and Attack 1 or Defend 1 as EFX. Finally, Dr. Warlock has a Reaction to Enemy models moving into Base to Base (BtB) with him; Take That is an AP 1 Action inflicting Damage 1 as FX and EFX, and a useful deterrent or countermeasure, especially against low HP opponents.

warlock-p3leaderDr. Warlock’s first Power is Gentlemanly Decorum, granting him Immunity to Stun (therefore always keeping his Flight bonuses in play). Next is Teachings of the Ancients, giving him a bonus to Amulet of Thoth and British Wit Action Rolls, as well as Starting Rolls. On Starting Rolls this gives him an edge against most other Leaders. Lastly, Secret Keeper supplies 2 Power Up dice to Friendly Mystery Supremes (and Monsters!) in BtB with Dr. Warlock during the Effects Phase – a great way to load up on Power Up dice in Round one where there is less risk when models are clustered.

Like other Leaders, Dr. Warlock gets 3 Leader cards per game, allowing players to modify his play-style around Team functions. Additionally, his Aura of Enchantment Faction Leader Card is unlocked if the Team-members do not have a Faction Affiliation. When played, for the rest of the Round Friendly Mystery Supremes generate EFX for Attack Actions on rolls of 4+, basically giving them the Powerhouse Role power for a Round! Along with Secret Keeper this emphasizes the importance of non-Faction Mystery Supremes in the Team to gain maximum benefit.

drwarlocklrHero Teams where all models lack a Faction are perfect for Dr. Warlock, preferably with primarily Mystery Supremes. Sovereign is an ideal ally (and not just because they are both British!), as a ranged and melee fighter, who can benefit from Dr. Warlock’s Power Up dice feed and British Wit Aura. Ace of Wraiths is another good option for the same reasons, while focused on ranged combat. Trail is an excellent Support choice, able to add Power Up to Dr. Warlock before triggering a Chain Activation. Kitty Cheshire can load up on Power Up dice in Round one before using her mobility to grab an Objective. Finally, use Honorary Member to remove Amok’s Faction affiliation, allowing him to work in the Team without compromising the Faction Leader Card.


If you want to add Dr. Warlock as your Team’s Leader, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Androida (*new*)

new_androida-_raw2_logoOriginally a technological wonder abused as a play-thing by her nefarious creator, Androida is one of the world’s most recognizable artificial intelligences, an activist for women’s rights and beloved Supreme Hero all rolled into one. Recently she was terribly injured at the hands of Red Republik. Rebuilt, she is ready to face the world anew.


Androida is one of the first Pulp City SE characters to evolve in-game, reflecting her progressing story. The new version is a Level 2 Speeder, with more HP, increasing her durability. Her Actions are all essentially upgrades of what she could do previously. Focused Eye Beams is a Projectile with AP cost 2, delivering Damage 1 as basic Effect (FX) and a choice of Damage 1 or Extra Target 6 as Extra Effects (EFX). With Androida’s low die-pooling on Attacks, this is best used against low-HP models, particularly Minions. Lightning Speed is Combinable, allowing Androida to Self/Shift, supplementing the three Movement Actions she can take as a Speeder. Finally, at AP 2, EM Synaptic Control is a Pulse which is Strong against Mechanical, allowing Androida to Stun the Defender, or Stun or Mind Control Mechanical Targets.


andAndroida’s Faster Than Bullets Power allows her to avoid Damage on a 5+ on 1d6 if she has moved already. She also has the new Field Commander Power, granting a Leader card to the Team and allowing Androida to supply Power Up dice through the game. What the sum of her abilities means is that now Androida is very good at claiming and holding Objectives (excepting Displacement Effects). She is no front-line combatant, but importantly she is no pushover. It is vital to move her early in the Round to optimize Faster Than Bullets. Bear in mind that she is easily capable of travelling over 30 inches in a single Round, meaning even if moved early, she can still move decisively to contest or claim Objectives later.


androidanew-page-002trimAndroida has synergies with various Supremes. M.O.D. is a useful Healer as he can Activate (to Heal) after Androida moves close if she is low on HP. Dr. Mercury can steadily supply Power Up dice. Lady Cyburn’s Heaven’s On Fire allows Androida to Chain Activate if within range. Beyond Heavy Metal, Vector can place Pixels on Androida, increasing her defensive die-pooling as she moves away from her Team-mates. Alternatively, take Androida in an A.R.C. Team using Honorary Member with the Primate of Science, to add a nice bonus die to her Focused Eye Beams, or early game +2 to all Traits through Chosen of the Ape Spirit.


If you want to add the new Androida mini to your team she is in the web-store now (you can find her here – click for link).

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Spotlight on Blood Rose

bloodroseThe last known survivor of her kind, Blood Rose was a native of the Astral Plane who washed up on Earth centuries ago. Living in the shadows ever since, she had occasional contact with organizations which were precursors to today’s Blood Watch. Finally, she has joined other Heroes, recognizing that now is her time to act, lest Earth face the same fate as her lost realm.

Blood Rose is a Level 1 Support, one of relatively few characters with access to the Heal Effect, making her useful in almost any Team, although primarily in Blood Watch. Her first Action is Mercy, a Combinable Projectile Action with 6 inch range, providing Heal 1 and Fatigue as basic Effects (FX), and Heal 1 as Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Shadow Door, another 6 inch range Projectile, which is Strong (adding a die to the Target Number Action Roll; 97% chance of success) and Limited to affecting Friendly models. As well as moving allies to where they need to be, this Action can be used to remove them from danger and works well with Mercy to increase survivability. Blood Rose’s final Action is Blood Roses Bloom, a Pulse with spectacular 5 inch range only affecting Friendly models, with Heal 1 and Shift 4 as FX, and Heal 1 or Shift 2 as EFX (as it is a Dynamic Action, one roll generates the result and the same Effects are applied to all Targets).

bloodroseBlood Rose’s solitary Power (Shadow Walk) reinforces the rapid attack opportunity that is unleashed by Shadow Door and Blood Roses Bloom. Shadow Walk allows Friendly Blood Watch Supremes to deploy 4 inches further forward, effectively cutting the distance between Deployment Zones to 14 inches, and giving early board domination to Blood Watch. With this aggressive style of play, Blood Rose’s player needs to be careful about her Actions effectively. For example, since Mercy uses Blood Rose’s non-Trump Mind Trait, it won’t often trigger EFX, therefore vital Healing shouldn’t be left until too late.

With her Power, Blood Rose is ideally used in a Blood Watch Team. With Red Riding Hoodoo a player has two excellent defensive Supports, ensuring a steady supply of AP. Since Blacksmith similarly functions best in a Blood Watch team, his Reliquary Action and Relics & Artifacts Power offer great boosts for those models which Blood Rose Shifts close to the Enemy. If using V.H. to unlock Honorary Member, Red Bella’s Ruby Idol can really help Blood Rose’s Dynamic Action die rolls, as can Trail by supplying Power Up dice.


You can learn the full story here of Blood Rose’s arrival on Earth (click for link).


If you want to add Blood Rose to your Team, you can find her here in the web-store (click for link).

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Spotlight on Mysterious Man

mysteriousmanCrime’s king in the shadows. Twisted Supreme scientist. Evil mastermind. Mysterious Man wears all of these mantles. Little is truly known about him, whether he is in fact the enigmatic Hooded Man from the 1940’s, or how he came to control Kodo Island, but so many careful whispers lead back to this single Supreme. One thing is certain, that his gaze is always locked onto Pulp City, and whatever plans he ultimately has for the metropolis can only mean dark times.

Mysterious Man’s strength is Minion-swarming and game management. His Supreme DNA Action allows him to copy an Action available to a model within range, retaining that Action until the next Round, and giving Mysterious Man incredible versatility depending on the characters in the game. Next is Gizmo Blaster, a straight-up Projectile Attack with 6 inch range, costing 2 AP. This Action has Damage 1 as base Effect (FX), and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as Extra Effects (EFX). His final Action is Evil Science, an Aura with a huge 8 inch radius, providing an impressive Attack 2 as FX, but Limited to Friendly Minions only, with Attack 1 as EFX.

fcl_mysteriousman-page-001Crimelord is Mysterious Man’s first personal Power, allowing you to place a fresh card of Level 1 Minions into the game each Round. Orders helps Mysterious Man control the Starting Roll, adding +1 die to his impressive Mind 8 roll, and triggering Master Plans on a 4+ if he wins the roll (and 75% chance of achieving a Master Plan, or 25% chance of achieving two!). Finally, Power Dealer supplies a Friendly Supreme one Power Up die each Round (two for Xenobi!).

Mysterious Man’s Faction Leader Card is Cut-Throats, adding an extra +1 die for Friendly models benefiting from Mobbing. Since Minion card models can easily coordinate their Actions, they will often gain this boost. Consequently it is worth considering adding even more Minion Levels to a Mysterious Man Team on top of those he starts with. Recruitment Blitz gives him 7 Levels of Minions in play in Round one, plus any additional Levels from Team-mates. Energy Boost can aid Mysterious Man; with a single Power Up die for a Starting Roll, he has an approximately 88% chance of achieving at least one Master Plan if he wins. Or use Blitz Tactics in a later Round to hopefully dominate through Master Plans.

mysterious-men-version-2Xenobi is a natural ally; an effective Support able to use Taunt to Pull models closer for Supreme DNA, while benefiting from a superb Power Up supply and adding Minion+. Sanguine is another excellent Support choice, while Draku is able to benefit from Evil Science. Gentleman is perfect to add long range fire while just Level 1. Using Honorary Member Mr. Kraken adds more sneaky game management (through Mind Control) while boosting Minion numbers. Yeti and Cro Mag are both excellent options as Powerhouses, with differing scale of threat to the horde of Minions Mysterious Man has available, making it more of a challenge for your opponent to choose the right Target. Finally, while Vector’s Pixels do not really benefit from Evil Science, they can provide invaluable Tank protection for multiple models.


You can read more about the enigmatic Mysterious Man here (click for link).


If you want Mysterious Man to lead your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on M.O.D.

modM.O.D. is the little robot who could. Designated as Modular Operations Droid, M.O.D. was built by Androida and Dr. Mercury mostly for research support and lab cleaning. The small robot soon proved his worth when Heavy Metal’s headquarters was attacked during the events of the Fall, and now he is a vital and popular member of the Team, although he never forgets to ensure the labs are kept spick and span.

As a Level 1 Support, M.O.D.’s Actions totally emphasize assisting his Team-mates, as he has no Damaging or de-buff Effect causing Actions. In some ways this makes him easier to play than other Supports as it allows the player to focus on what is needed most. His first action is Utility Bot, which is used in Base to Base (BtB) and its primary enhancement is Attack 1 for the recipient as basic effect (FX). As Extra Effects (EFX) it offers two choices: Attack and Defend 1; or Power Up 1 and Self/Power Up 1. M.O.D.’s other BtB Action is Let Me Fix It! This Action has Heal 2 as FX and Heal 1 as EFX. M.O.D.’s final Action is Shields, a short range Aura (2 inch radius from his base), which provides Defend 1 as EFX, creating a defensive bubble which can stack with the Defend EFX from Utility Bot.



M.O.D.’s real strength is through his Roger, Wilco Power. This allows him to Activate immediately after a Friendly Heavy Metal Supreme (a Chain Activation). This Chain Activation allows simpler decision-making. The most obvious use is to keep M.O.D. close to an advancing Supreme to keep them in range of his Shields Aura, or to run over to Heal an ally. To maximize the opportunities of this, the M.O.D. player needs to plan a Turn or two ahead, but it gives greater freedom which is always welcome.

Heavy Metal teams are an obvious fit for M.O.D., especially Mechanical Supremes such as C.O.R.E., Lady Cyburn, Androida, Dr. Mercury and Nuclear Jones, as M.O.D. rolls 2 dice as standard with Utility Bot and Let me Fix It! with these models. Similarly, he works well with a Supreme like Vector. Chronin is a great ally, easily able to get to 3 or more dice when defending under Shields – with stacked Defend bonuses from Utility Bot and Time Shields she could achieve 4 or 5 defensive dice, ideal for sitting on an Objective. Finally, Slug Muldoon’s Power allowing him to Self/Damage for extra dice can be offset by M.O.D.’s Heal Action.


You can read more about M.O.D. here (click for link).


And if you think M.O.D. is just the Supreme your Team needs, you can find him here in the Pulp City web-store (click for link).



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Spotlight on 100 Voices

100voicesA disgraced lawyer whose predilection for gruesome murder was halted by Dead Eye, Eric Hanson has been remade, now the embodiment of madness. More powerful as a Supreme than he was in his former life, 100 Voices has been slowly consolidating his influence and reach, drawing weaker minds than his into his thrall. A shadowy figure in the Pulp City underworld, none can guess at 100 Voices ultimate goals.

Madness, chaos, and the ability to do the unpredictable are overwhelming advantages 100 Voices brings. He offers a Mind Control Action (Whispers) which synergizes with Voicelings being in Base to Base with the target, granting 100 Voices an extra die. Whispers features Mind Control and Shift 4 as basic Effects (FX), and Attack 1 as Extra Effect (EFX), nasty to make a buffed Enemy Supreme to assault their allies! Terrible Voices is a de-buff Action with Stun and Suppress 2 as FX, and a range of EFX options, very useful for shutting down models which generate large die pools such as Powerhouses. 100 Voices’ final Exclusive Action a 4 inch range Pulse which allows Friends and Enemies alike to perform free Attacks against models in Base to Base. This ability is wildly fun, and often unpredictable.

fcl_voices-page-001100 Voices’ A Mind Is A Terrible Thing Power grants him +1 die for Combat Actions and a further +1 die against Living models. Cloak Of Madness forces models Attacking 100 Voices to use Spirit instead of the designated Trait unless they pay an additional 1 AP, very useful as most models will likely have lower Spirit than the designated Trait and may lack Trump in Spirit. Finally, Step Through Shadows doubles his Blink move to 8 as long as he uses no other Actions in the same Turn.

As a Leader, 100 Voices has access to 3 Leader cards each game to tailor how you want your Team to perform. In addition, a Villain Team led by 100 Voices and lacking Faction affiliation gains the Whispered Screams Faction Leader Card (see right). This means that Freelancers can be included, and Honorary Member can ‘switch off’ a Faction for a single Supreme. Whispered Screams turns all Friendly Supremes Spectral, which is a great defensive ploy in Round 2 or especially Round 3, but don’t use it in Round 4 as it stops models scoring AGP.

100 voices no head shot100 Voices works well against models with low Spirit Trait as they can be forced to use their Spirit value in place of their normal Trait when Attacking. Naturally, Voicelings offer a good synergy so should always be considered in a 100 Voices Team. Avatar of the Jaguar offers excellent melee Attacks, but can also use Dread Totem even if turned Spectral. Sanguine (Day or Night) is a good Support choice, as most of his Actions can still be used if Spectral, and a Fatigue can be saved through the Leader Card, while Sister Bedlam offers a similar capability to function unimpeded while Spectral. Tangent complements board control with her own (through Geometry of Hurt threat). If you want a heavy-hitter, Yeti and Cro Mag are ideal Powerhouse options.



If you think 100 Voices is just the twisted Leader your Team needs, you can buy him here in the web-store (click for link).

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