Fall in Pulp City

Comte Vendredi

Riding on top of a Dead Guard

Not the fall of Pulp City. Quite the opposite.

The Pulp City team is quite busy with a couple of projects. What can you expect?

– New packaging. We are switching to (mostly) single miniature blisters. Not only it is more cost efficient, but also it should greatly improve the regularity of releases as the┬ánecessary┬ápreparation time is shortened and production made easier. In this format, we are aiming at two new blister releases per month.

– First blisters, in no particular order, will include Red Bella, Primates of Power, Terror Cotta Warriors, Green Emperor, Comte Vendredi on top of a Dead Guard, V. H. and Blacksmith.

– As you might have heard, we are preparing for an update of the rules. The first impressions of the playtests are that the game got much faster, as all of the rules for each model are on one side of the card (yes, new cards) and overall the game plays more intuitively. All Supremes are still very unique and contribute to their Teams in a very special way. We recently moved into closed beta and the open beta for all of you will follow soon after that (TBA).

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