Preview: Prisoner #176 Production

p176 frontOne of the new Supremes unleashed by the success of the Cold War Kickstarter is Prisoner #176, who comes as a one-piece body sculpt with two tentacle arm accessories.

When producing miniatures with awkward appendages, it is vital to balance out the coolness of the concept against future production and hobby assembly challenges.

The arms we created for Prisoner can be assembled in a very simple way. They fit snugly whichever way you decide to put them in (in the pictures, we didn’t use any glue – the final metal one may require glue because of the weight of the parts).

p176 backIf you would like to be more adventurous in the way you pose your own Prisoner #176, it should be simple enough to separate the arms with two swift cuts, reposing them any way you like.


Once Kickstarter fulfilment is complete we will be adding Prisoner #176 and the rest of the Red Republik and Supreme Alliance minis to the web-store, so be sure to keep an eye out for the new models when they arrive!