Spotlight on Stinger, Scorpio Fencer

stingerWith the Scorpio Caste largely fallen from favor amongst the Ulthar, relegated to ceremonial duties or the occasional ritualistic duel or arena bout for the amusement of bored Aquarius Warlords, Stinger challenged the status quo and sought out a place in the frontlines of combat. Only Ra’Leigh was willing to endorse such a bold move, and was impressed by Stinger’s speed, aggression and pure bravado. When stranded with Ra’Leigh’s followers on Earth, Stinger enjoyed new-found freedom and the chance to show off. He’s been regularly working for the Mysterious Man since that time and his ego and appetite for violence have both grown steadily.

Stinger is a Level 1 Brawler relying on wits and his Trump Agility to hamper and wear down opponents. He’s also quick, with a Sprint movement of 5 which helps him get into position. Stinger’s core Attack is Lunge, a Close Combat Action using his Agility and dealing a basic Damage 1. Distraction is also a Close Combat Action but is Combinable, and Suppresses an Enemy limiting their dice for the Round. Finally, Disengage allows him to Self/Shift when an Enemy enters Base to Base. Because all of his Actions are only 1 AP he has flexible options and can get a lot done for only a few Action Points.

pcmscorpfin2flatWStinger’s Footwork Power is often his most challenging ability to use effectively. He can Fatigue himself to trade places with a Friendly Ulthar model targeted by a Base to Base Combat Action. This is very powerful once you understand what this allows. By trading places, Stinger will now be the model in Base to Base with that Enemy, and becomes the new target of the Enemy Attack. This is especially helpful if the Enemy is targeting your Agility as Stinger’s Trump 5 Agility stands a good chance of winning that roll. This can be used similarly to the Tank Power to protect weaker models such as the Gemini Twins, or used to save a more valuable Damaged model such as your Leader or Powerhouse. You can use it to simply move a slower model into a more advantageous position for your next Activation.

When recruiting, it’s easy to fit Stinger into any Ulthar Team. Additionally, the ability to Suppress a model shouldn’t be overlooked in a Villain Team: stack Suppress with Actions from Supremes like Avatar of the Jaguar, Tanuki or Mr. Kraken to really inhibit the die pool of even the mightiest Powerhouses.


If you think Stinger can add the cunning you need to your Team, he can be found in the web-store here.

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