Spotlight on Sgt. Bale

sgtbaleFormer member of the ultra-secret Omega Occult special ops team, Sergeant Richard Bale has died twice and been reborn. First when he joined Omega Occult, and again when his leaders fed him and his team into the maw of an ancient dragon in the jungles of Cambodia. Since fleeing the government he’s come to find a new team in Blood Watch. But the dragonfire burning in his soul is starting to consume him.


Although a Brawler by Role, Sgt. Bale is equally at home using ranged attacks. His Close Combat Action is Flame Strike, benefitting from his Brawler bonus and inflicting Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX), with Damage 1 as Extra Effect (EFX). Balefire is a Projectile with up to 6 inch range, inflicting Damage 1 as FX. Balefire causes Damage 1 or Extra Target 6 (meaning it can inflict FX on another model up to 6 inches from the original Target) as EFX. Both Attacks cost AP 2 and can be enhanced by Bale’s third Action, Holy Fire. Holy Fire costs 1 AP and is Combinable (helping decision-making on Activation sequencing), with FX of Self/Attack 2, but no EFX, meaning its benefit is always capped. If he makes his Holy Fire roll, Sgt. Bale throws out a potent three or four dice, and more against Earth or Non-living models.


BaleWWWSgt. Bale has two Powers that add to his die-pooling. First, Righteous makes him Strong versus Mystery Targets, ideal against Necroplane and Forgotten. More important though, is his Dragon’s Champion Power, which requires some pre-game thought. Bale’s player nominates a Level 2 or higher Supreme/Monster which must have the Villain Alignment. Bale adds +1 die to all action Rolls against the nominated model, and if the model is KO’ed by Bale, this grants Bale Strong/All. To be most effective you need to stack dice and target a model which will be as weak as possible to Bale’s Attacks, preferably a Non-Living or Earth model both if you can find one. Then attack that model a quickly as possible to reap the added benefits.


Synergistic models to consider with Bale include Blood Rose to Shift him toward the model nominated for Dragon’s Champion, and to maintain his HP. Blacksmith can boost Bale’s already potent die-pooling, creating a virtuous circle if this helps KO the chosen target for Dragon’s Champion. Against Necroplane especially, V.H. can boost Bale’s die-pool further. Red Riding Hoodoo can supply Bale with Power up dice. Outside of Blood Watch, White Tiger adds a nice automatic bonus to Bale’s Flame Strike die pool.


If you want to read Sgt. Bale’s full story go here (click for link).


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