Spotlight on Gorgoroth

gorgorothBorn a giant amongst his kind, Gorgoroth was the first Taurus to take up arms against his Ulthar oppressors. After defeat by Ra’Leigh in personal combat, he swore his allegiance to the young Warlord. From there Gorgoroth has trained himself to be the deadliest fighter he could become. Now he struggles to keep his oath to his master, while harboring a desire to build a better world for his Taurus kin.


Gorgoroth has characteristics that are typical of a Powerhouse – he is tough, strong, and capable of inflicting significant Damage. In addition, Gorgoroth brings a support Action to an Ulthar team that you wouldn’t expect from his Role.  His go-to Action is Power Smash, dealing Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX) and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as his Extra Effects (EFX). His most devastating Action is Gorgoroth Rush, an Overrun with a 6 inch range. It’s not a cheap Action, using all 4 of his AP and both Fatigues, but with a decent range and a 50mm base width it can hit a lot of models and deals a whopping Damage 2 and Knockback 4 as FX, and Damage 2 as EFX. The biggest issue with Gorgoroth Rush is that to get the most out of it you have to line up the perfect charge. This is difficult as you can’t move Gorgoroth in the same Round before making the charge. His final Action is unusual for a Powerhouse – Soothe the Herd is a 6 inch range Pulse that Heals Ulthar models.


Ulthar 2 GorgorothGorgoroth’s Powers enhance his formidable prowess and further add synergies the Ulthar. Blood Rage grants an extra die against any Enemy at less than full HP. Tough Hide provides Gorgoroth an extra die when Defending  unless against his Mind or Spirit. Finally, Herd Master adds +1 die to Friendly Taurus Shock Troopers on Attack rolls; useful as you can include up to 3 Shock Troopers in an Ulthar Team.


Given his rule synergies, Gorgoroth works best in an Ulthar Team led by Ra’Leigh. Ra’Leigh’s Faction Leader Card is a huge help to move Gorgoroth into a prime position before a Rush, and Tidal Surge is also helpful for that. Gemini X and Y can Heal Gorgoroth and give him extra dice for Attack and Defending. Xyllian can use Lure to Pull enemy models into range of a Rush, and to deal Damage from a distance to set up Blood Rage. Gorgoroth is a good fit with Coven as both Papa Zombie and Mambo can both use Mind Control to crowd Enemy models together.


If you want to read more about Gorgoroth’s story, go here (click for link).


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