Spotlight on Foxxy Blade

foxxy bladeA tough young woman who vowed vengeance for her fallen sensei, Foxxy Blade has trod a path between light and darkness to find the killers. Now affiliated with The Way, Foxxy faces a new destiny and reflections on the hard choices she has made, as it seems The Master has transcended the bonds of death and returned.

Foxxy Blade is a Level 1 Brawler, and for her Level she is almost peerless when it comes to facing Minions. Foxxy’s primary Attack is Lunge, a close combat Action using Agility versus Defense, and inflicting Damage 1 as basic Effect (FX) and Extra Effect (EFX). With Agility 5, Foxxy can offer decent threat using Lunge, even against most Level 2 models. Next is Rip Roaring Rampage of Revenge, an Overrun (OVR) with a range of 5 inches. As Foxxy has a 30 mm base, the corridor of the Overrun is narrow compared to most OVR’s, but still useful against bunched up models such as Tanks defending another model, Minions, or Enemies huddled under an Aura. Her final Action is Randori, which is a very useful Reaction to being Targeting, potentially adding Self/Defend 1 as FX (and also EFX) each time it used – meaning that if Foxxy uses it more than once she can cumulatively build her Defensive die pool.

foxxyFoxxy’s sole Power (Come And Get Me) is a very simple one: she gets a +2 dice boost to all Action Rolls against Minions. What needs to be remembered is this applies defensively as well as offensively. Thus Foxxy can handle going up against a swarm of Minions, rolling 3 dice against their Attacks. This makes her an ideal Supreme to include in a Team fighting against Mysterious Man. This bonus will stack with her Brawler bonus, for example allowing Foxxy to roll 3 or 4 dice when using Rip Roaring Rampage of Revenge against a group of Minions.

In a Team with White Tiger, Foxxy adds +1 die if she in Base to Base with an Enemy, great for boosting die pooling against all Targets with her Overrun). Foxxy works well with Crimson Oni, as he can move her around using Flight of the Phoenix to increase Foxxy’s mobility. Stormblades can be used to pull Enemies into Foxxy’s threat range with Tipping The Scales. Tanuki is the ideal Support companion to provide Power up dice for Foxxy’s Attacks. Dead Eye and Trail are good allies in a non-Faction Team as they can trigger Chain Activations and prepare Foxxy before she Attacks.


You can read more about Foxxy Blade’s story here (click for link).


If you think Foxxy Blade is the swords-woman for your Team, you can find her here in the web-store (click for link).

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