Spotlight on Mysterious Man

mysteriousmanCrime’s king in the shadows. Twisted Supreme scientist. Evil mastermind. Mysterious Man wears all of these mantles. Little is truly known about him, whether he is in fact the enigmatic Hooded Man from the 1940’s, or how he came to control Kodo Island, but so many careful whispers lead back to this single Supreme. One thing is certain, that his gaze is always locked onto Pulp City, and whatever plans he ultimately has for the metropolis can only mean dark times.

Mysterious Man’s strength is Minion-swarming and game management. His Supreme DNA Action allows him to copy an Action available to a model within range, retaining that Action until the next Round, and giving Mysterious Man incredible versatility depending on the characters in the game. Next is Gizmo Blaster, a straight-up Projectile Attack with 6 inch range, costing 2 AP. This Action has Damage 1 as base Effect (FX), and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as Extra Effects (EFX). His final Action is Evil Science, an Aura with a huge 8 inch radius, providing an impressive Attack 2 as FX, but Limited to Friendly Minions only, with Attack 1 as EFX.

fcl_mysteriousman-page-001Crimelord is Mysterious Man’s first personal Power, allowing you to place a fresh card of Level 1 Minions into the game each Round. Orders helps Mysterious Man control the Starting Roll, adding +1 die to his impressive Mind 8 roll, and triggering Master Plans on a 4+ if he wins the roll (and 75% chance of achieving a Master Plan, or 25% chance of achieving two!). Finally, Power Dealer supplies a Friendly Supreme one Power Up die each Round (two for Xenobi!).

Mysterious Man’s Faction Leader Card is Cut-Throats, adding an extra +1 die for Friendly models benefiting from Mobbing. Since Minion card models can easily coordinate their Actions, they will often gain this boost. Consequently it is worth considering adding even more Minion Levels to a Mysterious Man Team on top of those he starts with. Recruitment Blitz gives him 7 Levels of Minions in play in Round one, plus any additional Levels from Team-mates. Energy Boost can aid Mysterious Man; with a single Power Up die for a Starting Roll, he has an approximately 88% chance of achieving at least one Master Plan if he wins. Or use Blitz Tactics in a later Round to hopefully dominate through Master Plans.

mysterious-men-version-2Xenobi is a natural ally; an effective Support able to use Taunt to Pull models closer for Supreme DNA, while benefiting from a superb Power Up supply and adding Minion+. Sanguine is another excellent Support choice, while Draku is able to benefit from Evil Science. Gentleman is perfect to add long range fire while just Level 1. Using Honorary Member Mr. Kraken adds more sneaky game management (through Mind Control) while boosting Minion numbers. Yeti and Cro Mag are both excellent options as Powerhouses, with differing scale of threat to the horde of Minions Mysterious Man has available, making it more of a challenge for your opponent to choose the right Target. Finally, while Vector’s Pixels do not really benefit from Evil Science, they can provide invaluable Tank protection for multiple models.


You can read more about the enigmatic Mysterious Man here (click for link).


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