Spotlight on Blood Rose

bloodroseThe last known survivor of her kind, Blood Rose was a native of the Astral Plane who washed up on Earth centuries ago. Living in the shadows ever since, she had occasional contact with organizations which were precursors to today’s Blood Watch. Finally, she has joined other Heroes, recognizing that now is her time to act, lest Earth face the same fate as her lost realm.

Blood Rose is a Level 1 Support, one of relatively few characters with access to the Heal Effect, making her useful in almost any Team, although primarily in Blood Watch. Her first Action is Mercy, a Combinable Projectile Action with 6 inch range, providing Heal 1 and Fatigue as basic Effects (FX), and Heal 1 as Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Shadow Door, another 6 inch range Projectile, which is Strong (adding a die to the Target Number Action Roll; 97% chance of success) and Limited to affecting Friendly models. As well as moving allies to where they need to be, this Action can be used to remove them from danger and works well with Mercy to increase survivability. Blood Rose’s final Action is Blood Roses Bloom, a Pulse with spectacular 5 inch range only affecting Friendly models, with Heal 1 and Shift 4 as FX, and Heal 1 or Shift 2 as EFX (as it is a Dynamic Action, one roll generates the result and the same Effects are applied to all Targets).

bloodroseBlood Rose’s solitary Power (Shadow Walk) reinforces the rapid attack opportunity that is unleashed by Shadow Door and Blood Roses Bloom. Shadow Walk allows Friendly Blood Watch Supremes to deploy 4 inches further forward, effectively cutting the distance between Deployment Zones to 14 inches, and giving early board domination to Blood Watch. With this aggressive style of play, Blood Rose’s player needs to be careful about her Actions effectively. For example, since Mercy uses Blood Rose’s non-Trump Mind Trait, it won’t often trigger EFX, therefore vital Healing shouldn’t be left until too late.

With her Power, Blood Rose is ideally used in a Blood Watch Team. With Red Riding Hoodoo a player has two excellent defensive Supports, ensuring a steady supply of AP. Since Blacksmith similarly functions best in a Blood Watch team, his Reliquary Action and Relics & Artifacts Power offer great boosts for those models which Blood Rose Shifts close to the Enemy. If using V.H. to unlock Honorary Member, Red Bella’s Ruby Idol can really help Blood Rose’s Dynamic Action die rolls, as can Trail by supplying Power Up dice.


You can learn the full story here of Blood Rose’s arrival on Earth (click for link).


If you want to add Blood Rose to your Team, you can find her here in the web-store (click for link).

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