Spotlight on Gentleman


This Friday Spotlight features one of the first Supremes released in the Pulp City range – the quintessential hit-man known as the Gentleman!

Pulp City’s most infamous gun for hire. Consummate professional. Sharp-dressed Supreme. Danny Ortega is all of these and more. A product of Newport, Danny fought his way out of the ghetto to become a man respected for his consummate skills and professionalism, but he remains attached to his old neighborhood, and more than once has risked own life on the line to protect Newport from hostile invaders. To all who know of him he is simply the Gentleman.

gentleman-page-002A Level 1 Blaster, Gentleman is a very dangerous Supreme. With his Sniper Rifle Action, he has one of the longest range attacks in the game. With a 12 inch range, he can stand off from opponents, knowing that they will need two or three moves to contact him at full distance, making him ideal to cover his Team from a backline position. The Action is costly (AP 3), but effective due to the typical die pool he can benefit from (4 dice as standard), which can be improved if you can deploy him high up with good lines of sight. The base Effect (FX) of Sniper Rifle is Damage 2, with Damage 1 or Stun as Extra Effects (EFX). If Gentleman risks being swarmed, such as by Minions (Ninjas are a very real threat), then Gun Run comes into play as a simple Overrun, or Snapshot as an AP 1 Projectile doing a maximum of Damage 1 (Snapshot has no EFX).

Although only a Level 1 Supreme, and therefore having limited HP, Gentleman’s only Power functions as something of a get out of jail free card, adding to his protection from Stealth. Using Flash Grenade, the first time he is KO’ed in an Encounter, the Action is resolved then Gentleman is anywhere within 4 inches of his position with 1 HP remaining. Flash Grenade works regardless of the amount of Damage generated. Beware though that an opponent who generates Displacement Effects could apply the Displacement first, then Damage.

gentlemantorsoGentleman offers something special for almost any Team, so Honorary Member is a great option. Working with 100 Voices, Voices can Suppress an Enemy (Tanks especially) benefiting from a good defensive die pool, allowing Gentleman a powerful Sniper Rifle shot. Tangent and Gentleman in tandem offer great battlefield control and combined long-range threat, enabling systematic targeting of approaching Supremes. Xenobi’s Taunting or Xyllian’s Lure can be used to Pull or Shift flanking models closer to Gentleman. Avatar of the Jaguar can use Dread Totem to ‘anchor’ a model within an area, allowing Gentleman to focus fire across multiple Rounds.


You can find Gentleman’s story here (click for link).


If you think Gentleman has the firepower your Team needs, then you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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